Some intentions for each decade of the Rosary


A while ago I started stating different intentions for most decades of the rosary

The Annunciation - For all the unborn children and their mothers
The Visitation - The elderly that need help around the house
The Nativity - All those being born today
The Presentation - ?
Finding Jesus in the Temple - All the missing and exploited children

The Baptism in the Jordan - The recently baptized
The Wedding at Cana - The recently married
The Proclamation of the Kingdom - The missionaries
The Transfiguration - ?
The Institution of the Eucharist - For priest and those called to the priesthood

The Agony in the Garden - For the lonely
The Scourging at the Pillar - For an increase in justice
Jesus is Crowned with Thorns -
Jesus Carried the Cross -
The Crucifixion of our Lord - For those being punished for a crime they didn't commit

The Resurrection - ?
The Ascension - For the Pope
The Descent of the Holy Ghost - For the preachers and teachers
The Assumption of Mary - ?
Mary is Crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth - ?

If your have any that you use please add them.

God Bless


Interesting, those are some of the mysteries that I have problems writing about on my website (see signature). Here are some ideas:

The Presentation - That we all may see the way Jesus presents himself to us every day
The Transfiguration - That we follow Jesus' teaching because He is God made man.
Jesus is Crowned with Thorns - Forgive us for the times we don't put Jesus first in our lives
Jesus Carried the Cross - For those who have "fallen" -- that they have the strength to get up and walk Jesus' path.
The Resurrection - May we rise to new life with Jesus and not die to sin.
The Assumption of Mary - May we accept Mary's guidance in coming closer to her son.
Mary is Crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth - May we find peace in our hearts from the Queen of Peace.


Crowning with thorns -- for the mocked and humiliated


Crowning with thorns - For those suffering great afflictions

Carrying of the Cross - To know that The Good Shepherd is guiding us and always with us.


The Presentation: A spirit of obedience - Mary went through this purification ceremony, even though no other human needed purification less than she did.

Crowning with thorns: Humility, love for enemies. Jesus kept quiet as He was mocked by the soldiers. He knew each one intimately and loved them all.

Carrying the cross: Perseverence. Jesus fell three times and got up each time, continuing all the way to the summit of Calvary despite His exhaustion.

Transfiguration: Love of heaven - the immense difference between heaven and earth.

Resurrection: Final victory over sin.



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