Some more Lent questions

Sorry if these have been answered before…

At the start of Lent, I decided to give up cigars because I smoke them every day. But then I read that I should be giving up something that is taking away time with God i.e. prayer, and it doesn’t seem like smoking cigars falls in to that category. What do you think?

Does the Church even ask people to give something up? All I’ve read is that the Church encourages people to fast during Lent, which I’m doing (only water during the day, one meal in the evenings etc.), along with abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. I’m not eating meat on any Friday.


You are supposed to give something up which is enjoyable, to show your willingness to give for God as Christ was willing to fast for 40 days and die for us.

It’s not supposed to be something IMMORAL though, as we are called to give up all immoral acts anyway, independent of the time of the year.

If giving up cigars is something that you will feel the difficulty of doing, then certainly it represents an acceptable lenten sacrifice. Of course, no one says you can’t ALSO choose to spend more time in prayer and meditation during lent though… in fact, the nature of self-sacrifice during lent is supposed to help guide us to deeper reflection on God and more prayer.

Anything that entails mortification of the primitive human senses would qualify as part of our Catholic duty for Lenten Fast observance. A lot of Catholics traditionally think that the Lenten Fast is always about giving something up. Why not try taking something up like a more spiritual fervent prayer life.
Just a suggestion.

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