Some Mormons stocking up amid fears that doomsday could come this month

SALT LAKE CITY – Mixing a brew of biblical prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, a volatile economy, world politics, and astronomical occurrences, hordes of Utahns have become convinced that calamitous events are imminent — maybe by month’s end — and are taking every precaution.

They are called “preppers” and are buying up food-storage kits, flashlights, blankets and tents. Some are even bracing to leave their homes, if need be.

At American Fork’s Thrive Life, which sells mostly freeze-dried food, sales have shot up by “500 percent or more in the past couple of months,” says customer-service representative Ricardo Aranda. “There is a sense of urgency, like something is up. A lot of people are mentioning things about September, like a financial collapse.”

Mormons teaching has long implored folks to always stockpile at least 6 weeks of food and necessities.

What happens when the 6 weeks end?

Who knows, there may well be an economic collapse. Ron Paul has been talking about this for several weeks. We live in a precarious world both domestically and globally. It never hurts to prepare for disaster so long as the Mormons in Utah leave some food and other supplies for the rest of us!

Well, Jesus told people that the end was coming during some of their lifetimes…so if one is to believe his words, it isn’t illogical for many who read them to think the end could come in a few weeks.


No He didn’t.
He said the destruction of Jerusalem would happen in their lifetimes, which it did.
The end of the age He said no man knows.

We are always on the verge of economic colapse

Or the supplies run out !!! Being ready spiritually means more than all the tea in China, (or anywhere else for that matter.) Can’t hide from God! So let’s TRUST HIM !! God Bless, Memaw

I believe in stocking up to a degree, but mostly with bad weather in mind. Remember that when the Mormons established themselves in Utah they were way off in the hinterlands and it was really expedient for them to prepare for bad/lean times. So, take a cue from them and have necessities on hand. Winter is coming!:slight_smile:

You get to eat well? And save all those trips to the store.:slight_smile:

there’s more money made on doomsday fear mongering than in rational economic practices. There are no shortage of grifters out there preying on people’s irrational feelings and religious sensitivities, especially among right-wing fundamentalists.

obviously if you predict an economic collapse monthly, eventually you’ll get it right.

I agree that there is a lot of money to be made by those that play on our fears. However, in the short term I think it is wise to have extras on hand during the winter months or bad weather conditions. Also, many, many people, including the elderly, the sick, frail or the poor can not stock up. Keep them in mind for a short term affair. A few years ago KY. had a massive ice storm where no one could get out, had no heat or water. I did OK, but there were many others that had a bad time of it. When I get extras I get them from the grocery store. I have enough for "me’ and a little bit for "you.’ Peace and prayers in all kinds of situations. :thumbsup:

When I was LDS, it was encouraged to have a year’s worth of food storage.

According to their website, a 3 month supple of food, water, and money is now what is encouraged.

Considering there very tough winters we have had here in the North East these past few winters, many ending up without power for a week to 10 days, being prepared for any kind of disaster with a good food supply, water, and $$ is a good thing.

there ar many different types of emergencies that could happen, loss of income, inflation, natural disaster. We have about 3 months worth of extra food, a library of things you would need if the Internet was down, and a lot of other basic things you would need if there was a problem.

Just wondering what this includes, I’m probably wrong here and there may be some information on the internet I need that I don’t have or isn’t already known by me or other members of my household, but I can’t think of it. What’s in your library?

Maps (most important)
First aid
Local edible plants
Food preparation, dehydrating, butchering

Basic areas of prepartion
Heat (wood and gas off the grid)
Everyone needs a fire arm I suggest a 200$ mossberg 500 to start
Water is number one need 3 types of ways to purify
Food , already discussed
Winter clothing
Everyone should have at least 2 pairs of good walking shoes
I also suggest a small amount of gold or silver

The Red Cross has a list of items and goods to keep on hand in case of emergencies. We all know how slow the government can be at time of disasters. A little self-reliance is a good thing.:thumbsup:


And I would say a lot of self-reliance.
Also important to plan ahead on how to take care of meds that need to stay cold…

I wasn’t asking about things to keep on hand, I was specifically asking about his “library” and now that he has answered (and like you assumed I can’t figure out what to have on hand) I see that the only thing I lack from his “library” list is information on butchering.

Do you know how to salt meat or to dehydrate or identify mushrooms you might want to when the economic collapse happens

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