Some natural helps for anxiety?


I only say natural because I would like to try some more immediate methods before perhaps seeing a doctor. I’ve heard of the Kava supplement. What else? I’ve been having this very general anxiety feeling lately, and I can’t put my finger on why. I feel slightly down and exhausted as well.


Try a local health store. I have passiflora and “Calms”. They work but make me sleepy.


I know it seems very simple, but it’s so easy to overlook: have regular going to bed and getting out of bed times - right now it may be difficult to sleep, but your body can adjust. Eat nutritious food. Drink enough water. Give yourself time for leisure and less time on errands and Internet business. Pray, and develop a daily routine.


GABA, valerian root, hops, magnesium, taurine and niacin. Cannabis extracts such as CBD oil help many people also. Your doctor can give you the non-addictive tranquilizer hydroxyzine, also known as Atarax.


Are we allowed Hypnosis?


Cook yourself a big ole mess o’ greens.


Turkey,chilli,vitamin B’s ,lots of walking and exercise ,
chocolate ,playing uplifting music,helping other people.


See a doctor. You might have an underlying issue


There are some good Christian/CAtholic guided meditations. Exercise extreme caution and/or use referrals from others you trust. Nature sounds. The rosary. Chamomile tea…there’s a brand called Sleepy Time tea that has been helpful for me. Aromatherapy/essential oils.

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