Some Opening Ceremony fireworks were faked,99745

Yeah, and that Chinese torch-bearer wasn’t really running on air either. What a fake!

The Chinese government is a brutal, autocratic, corrupt gang. There are lots of serious things to hit them for, without kvetching over some CGI fireworks. This is like complaining about George Bush because he stumbles over words sometimes.

There’s also this:,2933,402093,00.html . :rolleyes:

Just a reprint of an AP story, not a Fox originated piece. Same Article:

Olympic opening uses girl’s voice, not face

The shallowness arrogance of the Marxist philosophy is showing big time in the Olympics. Of course, the only thing some can do here is use it as a platform for bashing Bush, America and Media outlets that do not meet the leftist ideology. :mad:

As with all chinese products, just look, not quality.

And they thought they had it made…

China is just dropping the ball left, right and center it seems…

GOOD! :smiley: :thumbsup:

I couldn’t agree with you more:thumbsup:

It’s in the national interest to only show a pretty girl? That’s ridiculous.

I took 2 semesters of Far East History and one semester of Oriental Philosophy in college so I may be able to shed some light on this.

From what I remember, the Chinese have always had the philosophy that the are superior to everyone else. This means everyone else must eventually be absorbed into to their culture. They do not have to conform to others. This air of superiority also means only the best must be presented to others. If something or someone must meet the highest standard or be discarded.

This is probably why they replaced the one girl with the other that is more representative of their idea of beauty.

This also explains sex selection due to their “one child” policy. Males are more prized than females. This is also why adoption is rare within the China and so available (from what I have seen also female) to foreign adoption. Children up for adoption are considered inferior because they are outside the “family”.

Computer enhanced imagery is used all the time by Hollywood producers.

Complaining about this is makes about as much sense as complaining that Harrison Ford really didn’t out run a locomotive in the movie, The Fugitive.

Its entertainment folks!


OH and another thing I was told my a co-worker who was upset about this was, not all the drummers were Chinese. There were a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

And then of course, Sarah Brightman sang. She’s not Chinese either.

The idea of the event was bringing the world together.


There is a patterning lying and deceiving here though that goes beyond a little computer enhancement.

See THIS ARTICLE about speculation that the Chinese female gymnasts and not truly 16 years old.

On Good Morning America today they had a forensic scientist who compared various aspects of facial growth and structure (regardless of ethnicity), and showed that these girls are probably closer to 10-12 years old, NOT 16 as the rules require. And yet the IOC is not going to do anything about it to avoid an international incident.

I don’t think China deserves to be considered for any Olympics again for a very VERY long time.


Nobody has mentioned the little girl who really sang the song. How do you think she feels? She was pushed aside because of her looks.

I think their are flaws in seeking perfection to the point where you have to pretend something isn’t the way it is.

I thought the same thing about these girls. However, the NBC reporter(forgot his name) said that the ORC investigated and concluded that they were in fact, 16 years of age.

Now, I’m not naive enough to believe that the Chinese government isn’t beyond pulling off deception, but until PROVEN otherwise, we’ll have to accept the ORC’s decision.


Hollywood and true event. There is no comparison.

You know of anyone who thinks that what they’re seeing in hollywood movies is really what it is ???

On the other hand, you think those athletes really can do what they do ???

Maybe it’s just all play acting you think ???

Together for how long?

Afterward, the chinese tyrant will go back to their evil ways.

No, they shouldn’t be included in the olympic, especially one held in their country.

Yep, there is no better encouragement for these tyrants to continue their tyranny than this event.

I totally agree that those girls looked too young.

I’m not into the Olympic games at all. But seeing the news about the CG fireworks, the fake singing, and of course the obviously underage girls…Its just pathetic.

Its all information control. I wonder who came up with that…

Nowhere does it say that the Chinese did the faking. The broadcast stations (NBC, etc) chose to use the computer simulation for safety.

The coverage of the opening ceremony made it clear that the performers were suspended by wires. I found this part of the performance to be in keeping with the tradition of Chinese acrobatics.

Just proves that the Chinese are as vain as Americans.

My 13 yr old daughter’s friends who are Asian tend to be baby faced and slower in reaching puberty than her Caucasian and Hispanic friends. Some of the Chinese gymnasts could be like this, but the smallest is just too baby faced to be 16 yrs old by 12/31/08 (the cutoff date for reaching 16).

I am a huge gymnastics fan, and there is no way those girls were sixteen. One newspaper says they have documentation to prove that some are as young as 12, but the IOC doesn’t care. The passports that the Chinese government issued them say they’re 16, so that’s good enough. Please, that’s the easiest thing in the world for China to fake. Plus, the judging tonight wasn’t fair in the least. To me, the Olympics has lost all validity. It really is sad to see.

Yes, I’m aware that Asians usually look younger than what they are. I grew up with mostly Asains. However, there is absolutely no way at least three of them will be 16 this year. Even Bela Karoly said so. He was not happy about it in the least.

No we don’t. The only documents they went off of were the government issued passports. It’s just insanity. We have to accept the decision anyway because there is nothing we can do about it. They said that the decision is final. Even if all the paperwork in the world besides those passports said that they were underage they don’t care. I don’t expect anything else from them anyway. These people will do anything they can to make America win fewer medals. Why was softball removed? Because America dominates. However, the rest of the world is starting to catch up to us. It has some of the highest ratings and is being removed. Oh yes, but we must keep rhythmic gymnastics. It wouldn’t be the Olympics without that. I watch the Olympics because I love sports, but it really hurts me to see what is going on here.

Obviously, gymnastics is a sore spot with me. I also don’t think it’s right how different training is. The Chinese gymnasts are basically in gymnastics sweatshop. They are chosen at 3 and taken away from the families to do nothing but train. They see their parents once a year. The other gymnasts around the world don’t do they. They have to go to school and do gymnastics. They have to pay for their very expensive training. It’s all just ridiculous to me.

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