Some Questions About The Second Coming of Christ And The Final Judgment

Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions about the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Final Judgment.

*]When Jesus returns in glory, will his feet touch the ground or will we all be raised up to the Judgment Seat where the Final Judgment will take place and then we will be judged?
*]If Jesus does touch the ground, will there be any time at all between His arrival and the Final Judgment?
*]Will the Final Judgment be an instantaneous thing or will it last a while?
*]Where exactly will the Final Judgment take place at? Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, or Earth or somewhere else?
*]I think I heard or read somewhere that at the Final Judgment, all who are in Purgatory will be released and let into Heaven. Is this correct or might they have to stay in Purgatory a while longer?
Please use authoritative resources to answer my questions. Anything from the Catechism of the Catholic Church to explicitly clear Scripture to an Encyclical or even an article from an orthodox Catholic site will work. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Sorry, you are asking for a resource that does not exist. The Church has never taught about the subjects you mentioned, nor can She, because this is not part of Divine Revelation.

The Church is not at liberty to authoritatively teach on any given subject. She is quite limited to those subjects which have ALWAYS been part of Divine Revelation.

We are left with nothing except the personal opinions of various theologians.

Here’s link to an inexpensive study that might help you out Holly.
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[size=3]Our view of the end times determines our view of salvation history. Jim Burnham and Father Frank Chacon give the basic teachings of the Catholic Church on the end times, and deal with some of the more common errors in this area.
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Excellent resource. Especially for non-Catholics who are curious about how the Catholic Church views eschotology.

Get the book *The End Of The Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life *by Father Charles Arminjon. The book was written about 130 years ago. It was one of the reasons St. Theresa the Little Flower became a nun. While it is not infallible dogma it is full of traditional Catholic teaching on the subject.

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