Some questions about Wiccans

An old classmate recently expressed interest in hanging out, and asked if I would like to grab dinner here in a couple weeks. I find it a little odd, since she’s in her late 30s, and I’m in my early 20s. We got along pretty well in our class.

She is Wiccan. I’m pretty sure she knows I’m a practicing Catholic. I post some Catholic things on Facebook from time to time. If we hang out, religion is bound to come up (Since I’m currently considering if not the priesthood, something in theology) So I was wondering if there is anything I should know about Wicca. for example, what they believe, and why they believe it. Like if their faith is even based on anything.

Another question I have is regards to their use of magic. Its my understanding that magic in real life doesn’t involve colorful light, as seen in movies and video games. (However, talking to some of my Native American friends, it seems that shape-shifting on the reservations is real, along with some other scary stuff.) Its also my understanding although magic is forbidden by God, (utilizing the powers of demons?) that Wiccans are set on not using magic to harm people.

I don’t want to be racist, but I admit my ignorance to witchcraft. I find it odd that she wants to hang out with me now, after about 3 or 4 years since our class. (also the age difference is interesting) My first thoughts are (I always think of the worst possible scenario) what if she wants to hang out, because seeing my Facebook posts, she knows I’m getting more into my faith, and she wants to put some sort of curse on me.I never took her to be malicious, and she’s a nice person. I feel that thought is mostly my own ignorance. Besides, she may just want to hang out, because we got along in our art class, and wants to catch up with old friends.

Can Wiccans do curses on people? Should I be cautious? Or am I simply being unnecessarily prejudice? I know there are a few Wiccans on this forum. Please forgive me if I sound racist.I admit my ignorance, which is why I’m asking this question.

I also thought, that this could be a good opportunity to evangelize. This is why I want to know at least the basics of what they believe, that way I can intelligently speak on the subject. (I think this might be important in general, because I’m noticing rise in Wicca, as well as seeing New Age ideas more openly in the mainstream.

Maybe she just likes you? There doesn’t necessarily have to be an ulterior motive.

Anyway, if she wanted to put a curse on you, going out with you wouldn’t be at all necessary for that. :eek:

I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve found wiccans to be some of the most accepting people on Earth. They won’t try to convert you, so I wouldn’t recommend that you try to convert her.

Go, enjoy the conversation and the dinner. Ask questions. Be a friend.


I wouldn’t worry about it. A lot of people try to meet up with others that they had a class or two with to build bridges and network, and that’s a smart thing to do.

There was a Wiccan who posted a thread last month to dispel some rumors about Wicca, and she/he did happen to mention that real Wiccans do not believe in evangelizing or attempting to convert unless the other person shows interest in doing so. So, no worries there. And you never know, religion might not be a topic that comes up unless it is you that brings it up. Your friend will probably not try to “prove you wrong” like a hard-core Protestant would.

Here is a article about witchcraft. Michelle Arnold does a fairly good job presenting Witchcraft.

As others have said, Wiccans aren’t evil. The vast majority of witches will look down on witches who use “dark” magic. If religious conversation comes up, it’s ok to honestly ask about their beliefs in a spirit of curiosity, and you can answer hers in the same spirit as well. You don’t have to convert each other. It’s just dinner :slight_smile:

It is quite possible that she could try to practice her religion with regard to you. I have heard stories of such things happening. I would encourage you to stay very close to the eucharist and confession while dealing with her. I have heard many stories, and believe them to be true, of people who recieve the eucharist being particularly protected from such things. Make sure to spend some time in adoration as well.

I would say, don’t be afraid to interact with her. You are going to have to interact with people who are of different faiths if you are going to do Christ’s work. The saints have had far worse thrown at them than curses.

It is possible that she could just like you and want to catch up… Or she could LIKE you. But there is one thing I think you have missed. You say “what if she wants to hang out, because seeing my Facebook posts, she knows I’m getting more into my faith, and she wants to put some sort of curse on me.” I would say, what if she wants to hang out because seeing your facebook posts, she knows your getting more into your faith and she wants to know more about it. Maybe she is questioning her own faith.

I would say that you don’t need to know as much about wicca as you need to know about the Catholic faith.

I knew a group of Wiccans in high school, dated one of them briefly (those two-week high school relationships …) and have some friends who are currently involved in various neo-pagan … stuff.

Wiccans tend to be nice people and often come from branches of Christianity. What draws them can be the open-minded nature of the religion, its tolerant attitudes aligning well with progressive ideologies, its focus upon harmony, peace and nature align well with pro-environment and anti-war ideologies. Wicca tends to be very humanistic in its approach to people. You may hear Wiccans borrow from Aleister Crowley’s phrase “Do what thou wilt, such that no other is harmed, shall be the whole of the law”, and the concept of sin in Wicca means a violation of this. That’s not doctrine (Wicca doesn’t have doctrine so much as commonly-accepted writings) but it’s something that many are fond of saying. As such, morality within at least some Wiccan groups may appear loose by Catholic standards on matters of sexuality, since this is seen as a personal choice.

On that last note, I will say that the pagans I know locally have made tremendous inroads into the GLBT community by providing them with a spiritual home and often counseling for depression, self-image and suicidal thoughts. One of the leaders of the movement locally is a good friend, and as much as I disagree with his theology I will say he has repaired many psychological wounds, and agitated for the local hospitals to allow pagan chaplains in to minister to pagan patients.

Their theology focuses upon the Feminine Divine, seen in the tri-form of Mother, Maiden and Hag. Prayers and rituals are for worship, honor, protection and blessing. It is rare that a Wiccan would use magick or ritual to cause harm to another person - it’s just antithetical to the religion’s nature, but because there is no real central authority other than what an individual Wiccan or group of Wiccans (sometimes called a coven - not all do) accept, it’s not impossible for a Wiccan to try doing something like that. The reason for the difference is a concept called Right-Hand Path (RHP), as distinguished from Left-Hand Path (LHP). Wiccans, druids and other neo-pagans often self-identify as RHP. LaVeyists, occultists and the folks who follow Charles Manson’s religion are considered LHP even if they don’t identify as such.

Actual worship surrounds the celebration of the eight Sabbaths and other festivals timed with the moon cycles. The practice that the pagans I know use involves creating a magick circle (for protection) and performing the rituals within it. If one needs to enter or leave the circle, the circle must be opened with a ritual knife called an athame and is then closed up again before continuing.

As far as this relates to you as a Catholic, we are not to attend their rituals, nor to practice their magicks, and we are to politely decline blessings offered in the name of any deity but the Lord. One of my closest friends left the Church some time ago (he’s long been a spiritual seeker, and only stayed until he found questions he couldn’t answer) and has founded what he describes as a “christo-pagan church” in the area. He had offered to perform blessings upon our new home and our new baby, and it took some talking to gently tell him that I appreciated his offer but must decline on the basis of my own beliefs.

For your friend, she may simply see someone whom she can approach and be friends with. If you are discerning the priesthood you must have some knack with talking to people and that could draw her to you. It’s not a bad thing, really. Evangelize always - even if it’s something as simple as being loving, attentive and concerned about others, if they at least know you are disposed to care about others for the sake of Christ, they’ll see Him active in your life. That’s a start. When questions about Christ and His Church are raised, answer them as best you can and show how they reconcile with the idea of God who is both Loving and Holy. That’s a good next step. Many people look at the Church and see formalism, legalism and intolerance - and while we have rules, formal worship and exhort those who believe to a moral code that is strict by the world’s standards, we remain loving and seek to live selflessly.

I’ll keep your discernment in my prayers.

I would definately be cautious. Really, why would a woman, wiccan in her late 30’s, want to hang out with such a young man who she knows might be discerning priesthood? And after all the time pasted since back in school? Sounds veeery suspicious to me. I come from a country where the culture is very much influenced by black magic practices of the native indians and also the africans brought as slaves, and I have to tell you: there is such a thing as curses, black magic , voodooo, what ever name you want to give it. I was, myself victim of a spell by a priestess of such an afro-brazilian religion. I was away from the church for decades, and living a sinful life, then, when I was starting to convert back to the church, I strangely started coming across/getting involved/meeting/socializing with people like this “witch”. To make story short, she put a curse on me because she wanted to force me to become some kind of a priestess in her “temple”. Look, if you are looking into priesthood or anything of God in a more serious way, the enemy will send his ambassadors to lead you astray. I have a lot more experiences to tell but let us leave it at that.
This politically correct, I don’t want to be prejudiced, let us all get along attitude people have nowadays can cause a lot of problems in life. It caused me at least…I myself, learned the hard way that I deserve to choose who I want to call my friend nowadays…and that is other practicing Christians or people of goodwill, but definetely not a person involved with the occult…

It gives a good platform to express things that each religion has in common. It’s really good for us Christians to dialogue with Pagans, we do have stuff in common and it can be a faith deepen for you as well as open up things she didn’t know about Church teachings. like how Catholics believe that ultimately God converts.

She doesn’t know that I’m discerning the priesthood. I’ve only told some of my close friends and family. (And I mentioned it in a few posts here on the forums) to be a little more specific, most of my facebook posts are about Ron Paul, The Federal Reserve, NDAA Indefinite detention, and a lot of pro life stuff. With a few Catholic posts sprinkled in.

What you bring up is exactly one of my concerns.I only started discerning the priesthood after initially doubting my faith back in February. Through that, I learned more about the faith, and have become open to the priesthood. I still doubt sometimes, but each time, I do research, I get a better understanding of the faith, and am more convinced. I believe that this doubt is from the enemy, yet God is permitting it, because it pushes me to learn more, and desire him even more. Then in the end, I will understand all the anti catholic arguments, and be able to win in debates. (Or at least give answers to people with questions) I also recognize that the closer I get to God, the more Satan will throw at me. Because of this reason, I need to be cautious.

However, I don’t want to be unnecessarily paranoid. and not do what God wanted us to do, which is to go forth and preach the gospel. The apostles went out into pagan lands and converted them to Christianity. I only want to do what God wills for me. Obviously I would rather hang out with other Christians. (I thank God so much for all my new Catholic friends I met these past few months) However, if we only converse with fellow Christians, then we aren’t spreading the faith. I want to be safe from Satan’s attacks, yet I want to do all I can to bring people to God.

I was pagan for 17 years and I can tell you that Wiccans will not put a curse on anyone because they are bound by the Rede which states “an it harm none, do what ye will”. If there is some Wiccan talking about putting a curse on someone, I have no idea what they’re into but it isn’t Wicca! You have nothing to worry about. Wicca is a religion which honors nature and the earth and they believe in many different gods and goddesses. They don’t hex or curse people, they don’t do sacrifices, they don’t do any of the stuff that the Hollywood movies make a person believe. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re just regular people who believe in something different. I’m sure you have absolutely nothing to fear. I still have some close friends who are Wiccan and even when religion is brought up, we have an understanding that we can respect each other as people and just agree to disagree about some of the other stuff! :wink:

So stop worrying yourself about these curses and just go hang out, LOL!

Right on! :thumbsup:

I was Wiccan for awhile. The main tenet of wicca is “An it harm none, do what thou wilt.” Now of course, this can be interpreted in many different ways, but typically it does mean no “black magic”- only “good magic.” (Of course, we all know there is no such thing as good magic.) As far as curses go, Wicca would talk about “spellbinding” where they would try and “block” somebody else from doing something bad to them.
Now, wiccans would not call any of the magic they do “cursing,” but the reality is that wicca deals with the powers of darkness (although they don’t believe they are), and it does affect the users spiritually.
Now, you are a Christian. You have the power of Christ, and Satan has no power over you. I think it’s okay to reach out to your acquaintance, without fear that she can harm you.
I hope that helps.

Two things pop into my head.

One, you could be totally way off on your whole idea here. As others have said, maybe she likes you! :smiley: The word “cougar” comes to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other, on a more serious note, is my understanding is since you are a christian, and therefore one with Christ, I don’t think those things could harm you even IF she did try.

Just my $.02.

If you want a "general understanding of their faith…Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland have some very informative books on the subject that are well received. “The Witche"s Bible” by Janet and Stewarat Farrar is a great resource.

Your senses are right. At the right moment, evangelize. Don’t turn it into the main topic of the evening but plant a seed. How about giving her a Patric Madrid book, Surprised by Truth? Or perhaps send her the book or another of your choosing after you meet with an appropriate note. And DO let her know about your priesthood discernment when you are ready.

Wicca has become extremely eccelctic since its early days in the 1940s, so every Wiccan is a bit different depending on his/her tradition. The one thing all Wiccans generally have in common is that their religion is based on the Wiccan Rede: 'An ye harm none, do as ye will. This is based on a longer poetic version of the Rede, but it’s basically their version of the Golden Rule – do whatever you want, as long as you don’t harm anybody.

Because of that, Wiccans don’t believe in cursing people, or using any form of coercive or controlling magic. In fact, Wiccans also tend to believe in the Threefold Law, which states that whatever you do comes back to you times three. Based on that belief, it wouldn’t be wise for a Wiccan to cast an evil spell, because that evil would eventually return to them three times worse.

From a Wiccan perspective, magic doesn’t come from the devil, and it doesn’t involve working with demons. In fact, Wiccans don’t even believe in the devil. The way they see the Dvine is that our ultimate source is unknowable – beyond human comprehension. In order to understand the Divine, they worship it in the form of the God and Goddess, often focusing on a particular pantheon, or a particular God and Goddess from ancient pagan religions for whom they have an affinity. Magic, for them, comes ultimately from the power of the Divine, and permeates all of reality, so that you can utilise the power innate in rocks and herbs, as well as the power within yourself. But for them, that all has its origin in the Divine.

I’m willing to bet she just wants to hang out and see what you’ve been up to since your class together. I wouldn’t read anymore into it than that. I doubt she has a problem with your religion… most Wiccans have a “live and let live” attitude. In fact, in the longer version of the Wiccan Rede, it says just that: Live and let live; fairly take and fairly give. I’m sure she just wants to get to know you again… If she starts bashing your religion, or trying to convert you to hers, then she’s not being a very good Wiccan. And you can always ask politely for her to be more respectful of your beliefs, as you would respect hers – if it comes to that, of course. :slight_smile:

Here’s a EWTN link to an On This Rock show with Fr. Mitch Pacwa talking about witchcraft and Wicca. I listened to the whole thing and I’d recommend the download. He makes the point of don’t be afraid to witness to Christ to your children. I’ll let you judge whether the same applies to other misguided adults. :wink:

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