some questions...


I have some questions, I have heard many people say that they pray the rosary for certain intentions and was wondering how you do that. Do you just announce it out loud before you start the rosary or what? Sorry I am new to this and sont know LOL

Also how do you deal with doubt and unbelief? I am 100 percent sure that the catholic church is the ONE True Church that Christ founded, yet I cant seem to get rid of the unbelief of certain things in the catholic faith. Because I was raised protestant I have such a hard time accepting Mary and the saints. Whenever I pray to her or the saints I feel like I am committing Idolatry. I just feel very uneasy about it.

I read the bible and then get even more confused because it says there is only one mediator between God and Man-Jesus.

I feel stuck because in my heart I KNOW this is the right church, I just have trouble getting my former protestant brain to understand this:)

You don’t need to make a formal announcement with your Rosary Intention. Just as long as you know the intent…God does, too!

As a Catholic convert, I reminded myself that the Church has been around for about 2,000 years. She has the ability to teach me things I would not be able to understand on my own. Mary and the saints are very hard lessons in the Catholic faith. Like you, I went into it realizing that the Catholic Church is the one, true Church.

Specifically though, I finally came to understand that Mary and the saints pray for me just like anyone living on the earth prays for me when asked. When you have something serious enough to ask others to pray for you, ask Mary and the saints, too. They are in heaven with God. You’re always welcome to pray directly to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to do so in union with all other believers. Who better than Jesus’ own mother?!?

Congratulations for coming home to the Catholic Church. It’s a lot to take in all at once and pretty much impossible. Go easy on yourself and realize it will all come with time.

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