Some states push back against stem cell research

Some states push back against stem cell research

ATLANTA – A showdown is shaping up in some of the nation’s most conservative states over embryonic stem cell research, as opponents draw language and tactics from the battle over abortion to counter President Barack Obama’s plan to ease research restrictions.
Legislation granting fertilized embryos “personhood” has gained momentum in at least three state legislatures. The strategy — which has been used to try to undermine the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion — is now aimed at embryonic stem cell research. The scientific field uses stem cells from human embryos, which can develop into different kinds of adult cells, to seek answers about human health.
Opposition to both abortion and stem cell research hinges on the same issue: When does life begin? As a result, embryonic stem cell research has become the latest front in the decades-old battle over abortion.
“If you are someone who believes that a single cell embryo is a person then you are looking for any opportunity you can to make that argument. But as a country, legally, we’ve never accepted that,” said Michael Werner of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research. “The legislative tactics are the same.”


Thank God for the pushback. :heart: :heart: :heart:

May Christ, Mary, and Joseph bless the brave leaders of these states! :love::clapping:

more good news

On a practical level, it is in the states’ best interests because ESCR is money down a rat hole. It is a waste. If it held any sort of promise, private pharmaceutical companies would be doing the research themselves. But they aren’t. The cost of this is being pushed on to taxpayers. Shameful.

well, that’s just the legislature… the people speaking…

Who listens to them anway…?

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