Some things just never change!

I am starting this thread because the idea came to me when I was responding to a couple of other threads Today. It appears to me that indeed some things will never change. there will always be doubters, Just as there where when Jesus Himself roamed this world in human form. this thought came to me when I was responding to a person who was being called gullible by their mother for believing in God. before that, I was responding to a thread about masturbation, and a person came on there and said that masturbation is perfectly okay. has the secular world lost it’s mind? Yes. people telling others that sin is okay if it makes them feel good?, a mother calling her child gullible for believing in God? where do we draw the line here? the answer is simple, some people don’t and never will. Today we hear that masturbation is okay, abortion is okay, homosexuality is completely acceptable, divorce is really no big deal, etc. really? I would suggest that many people need to go back and check Sacred Scripture to see where God Himself stands on these issues. Sadly this all reminds me of when Pilate was standing face to face with the eternal truth itself and remarked, "Truth?, what is truth?

On the one hand, I agree totally with what you’re saying.

Here’s a personal observation of one change I noticed on Christmas Eve and Christmas:

The public family disagreements that I was involved in surprisingly had nothing to do with me or the other person on just plain individual or family matters … it had to do with spirituality! I found myself needing to defend the Catholic Church on everything from the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist to the importance of the one hour Communion Fast to standing up for moderation in wine consumption as opposed to either completely abstaining or getting drunk to fending off the suggestion at Christmas dinner (what horribly inappropriate timing) that we put my dying grandfather out of his misery … oh, but no we can’t dare discuss the pets about to be put down, that’s just too hard for people’s sensitive feelings.

The spiritual battle’s just gotten ratched up a whole bunch of notches, methinks.

St. Michael, defend us in battle!

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Edit: BTW, everyone I was speaking with, to my knowledge, was Catholic …

Yes, we are in strange times.

A mother’s womb is no longer the safest place to be.

This and other situations have been “turned upside down.” It is a sign I believe.

I wore a subtle pro-life pin to a Christmas Eve party, and received a negative comment from a fellow catholic (small “c”). It was the little 10-week baby feet pin. Seems harmless , right?

Pray, and call on Saint Michael too!

You may enjoy this. You can download the audio or read the transcript below.

I think what I am hearing is that you are very discouraged at many of God’s children for not getting it…either through ignorance, or just not accepting God’s word…

Your frustration is palpable. Perhaps you need to hang around some converts for awhile… and I dont mean the ones who say they are Catholic, but think all the things mentioned above are ok…
I can tell you a miracle happens many times over, every day…in the hearts of people I know…who dont even believe in that Jesus is the Word Made Flesh…but are coming around.
I cant even begin to tell you all the things that have changed in my heart as a result of simply being among Catholics in church for SUnday Mass…(and of course, recognizing my need for God)
FOr one, I thought abortion was ok…I thought masturbation was ok, sex outside marriage and so on and so on…It was my love for Jesus that opened my eyes…not anyone telling me these things were not ok. I had heard of the 10 commandments, but never saw myself as a child of God…
If I had been perhaps invited to attend a Catholic Church before I was 42 ( I am now 43), then perhaps it would have happened ages ago…this conversion of the heart. We are all sinners and need to pray for each other… and point out to each other scripture if needed…but our greatest influence I think is in the lives of those we meet day to day…in our actions, our compassion and love for one another and sometimes our words.
By the way, I was baptized at birth RC, but adopted out of the faith at 15 mons. and never attended any church til my 20’s

God\s power, through Jesus, our saviour, cannot be limited and aren’t we limiting Him when we think some things never change.

ps God isnt finished with me yet

I wasn’t trying to put limits on what God can do, nor do I think that anything is impossible for God, It just really seems amazing to me when I was having a discussion on another thread with a person who was trying his very hardest to defend masturbation as being okay. btw for anyone interested the thread is called - I failed again. this person finally agreed with me that they thought this was a sin, but that didn’t matter because we are all sinners. what a concept. let’s all just throw our hands up in the air and say, what the hell, it doesn’t matter because we are all sinners anyway, how pathetic. I was also labeled as being full of self righteousness, when actually I was just doing what Sacred Scripture tells me to do by “teaching and admonishing one another.” It just really amazes me that the truth has been turned upside down. truth are lies, lies are the truth, and I am somehow a bad person for calling sin what it is, sin. This also reminds me of a part in Sacred Scripture where God talks about the end times and says, “In the end times people will become their own god’s, choosing what is good and evil for themselves.” Is it possible that we are seeing these things now?

SOmetimes it isnt what we say…its how we say it…
is our intention good? Are we saying something to merely get someone to change the way we want them to be…or are we really concerned about their well-being.
For example…A long time ago, I met a prostitute in a bar (I am female and so was she) SHe knew I was not trying to pick her up or anything…I invited her to my table with my boyfriend and a few others and we talked. She then had to go as she was afraid her pimp would catch her…so I followed her and told her she didnt have to live that way…under the fear of her pimp…the problem is…I didnt have any advice for an alternative…she needed the money for the drug addiction she had. THis was to drown the pain of her childhood sexual abuse…
WHo was I to tell her what she was doing was wrong…I didnt…
I did point out that she deserved better from life…
SHe thanked me for being the first person who treated her like a person…and not a whore. I felt that I had actually received a gift from her. It was the compassion I felt for her flowing through me from CHrist…I felt closer than ever to what was really important…
Here I was enjoying a staff Christmas party with friends, and I had an opportunity to see the Christ in another person…that was God working in me…not my own doing…

THe message I am trying to convey is…you dont know what impact you have on others…only God does…you cannot control what others think, feel or do…all you can do is look at yourself, your own sin…and do somethng about that…
so when you are posting and reminding people of God’s laws for our own good, …remember that if you are truly coming from a place of concern and compassion for others’ well being and not simply judging them (thats Gods job) , then others will see that you truly care about them and you might be pleasantly surprised.

That\s what converted me…thats all I’m saying

Saint Wannabe

I realize you were expressing your frustration, but here is a link to a post to an apologist and the answer, which you probably already know but it never hurts to be reminded.
You can cut and paste…I hope this is legal on the forum…not sure

God Bless You

WOW thank you for sharing that…I really needed to read that…thanks again!

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