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I ran across this on another site, and I felt that I should share it with all of you.
What are your thoughts?
I agree with the comment about the NO Mass being incorrectly done, and if done correctly would be just as reverent and beautiful as the TLM.


Interesting article. My view: old rite, new or old rite revised makes no difference without that essential ingredient which makes it what it is: the Consecration so that it becomes a place where He is truely present.

To me, all ritual though beautiful, is superfluous, it is the invocation of the Holy Spirit, the Consecration and the Concluding Doxology which turns it from the natural to the supernatural and makes me echo the words of St Peter at the Lord’s transfiguration: ‘Lord it is good to be here’!

Were I to spend my entire life in a vegetative state and know only the Consecration I could at the end of it say ‘I have lived and I have seen all there is worth seeing’! :slight_smile:


My thought is that for all the talk of these “clown masses” and such I have never seen anything such as this. I have traveled extensively, been to MANY parishes across the US and abroad and I just don’t encounter all these “abuses”.

It’s like these abuses are urban legends.

I’ve encountered bad music once in a while (even bad reverent music) and some churches without kneelers (which the Bishops have now ordered corrected) but none of the terribly far out things that people wail about on this forum.


The Masses at my parish are celebrated very reverently, and yes, they are extremely beautiful.

A lot of parishes seem to try to “dumb it down” for the kids and the hard-headed - ours doesn’t. At least, not for the most part.

We did have a commentator doing a sort of catechetical “play by play” of the events of the Easter Triduum - I’m assuming this was for the benefit of visitors. A lot of regulars said they appreciated it, because they learned things about the Triduum that they hadn’t known before.

I thought it was irritating - I kept expecting her to say, “At this point in our liturgy, a small child will let out a yelp of frustration at how long this ceremony is getting to be. Her mother will shush her and take her out to the Narthex to calm her.” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Because she was explaining every last little detail.)

But everyone else thought it was great, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. :wink:


Many of us have similar thoughts about the NO Mass. I’ve been around long enough to remember the TLM when it was the only game in town, and in my opinion, it is something of a myth that it was superior to the NO. No one, least of all myself, wants to be judgmental about that which should be “the most beautiful thing this side of heaven,” but the truth is that the Mass is presided over by men, not angels, and you can take your choice whether you want it the old way (where we could be glad that everything was silent so we could not hear the grossly misprounounced and hurried Latin) or the new (where the priests routinely intrude their personas on the specified rite).

Sounds like I should have a suggestion for correcting the probem, assuming there is one, doesn’t it? If I were adequate to the task I would have been at it hammer and tong decades ago.


A poster on another thread provided this link about Assumption Grotto Parish with a Latin NO Mass. I think it looks lovely.


I found the comment (negative) about the cultural differences being played up to be a sign of almost abject ignorance of the Catholic Church. It sounds as one who thinks the the Roman Catholic Church is the sum total of the Catholic Church, and ignores all the richness of the cultural differences exhibited by the various Eastern rites.

It ialso betrays a thinking pattern that White Anglo Saxon is the norm, and all should become White Anglo Saxons… The Roman rite as we normally experience it is essentially based on a European model. That is fine, if one is of European extaction. There is nothing wrong with cultural influences if they are properly entered into the rite.


In our parish we have a large Indian sub-culture. They have their OWN rites which you may know Rome has approved of., they are very beautiful.

It is in my view fantastic to have such a multi-cultural mass attendance. It is for me a salutary reminder of the Universality of the Catholic Church. :slight_smile:


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