Some thoughts I want to share this morning

Is this the “dark night of the soul” for the Catholic Church? Do we need to go through this to truly remember WHO our God is and What He has done and will continue to do for us? Is this the test like Peter when he stepped out of the boat to go to Jesus, of will we keep our eyes on God or start thinking about the severity of the waves rocking the boat and the strong winds and start to sink? We say we believe but do we really? Is this our moment of truth in each of our lives in regards to our individual Faith? Is this the “PROVE IT” time for each of us?
JESUS told us HIMSELF that He would remain with us until the end of time! He said He would not leave us orphaned. He said the gates of hell would not prevail over His Church! I believe Him and I believe His Catholic Church is still here, still strong, still holy and that She has many devout good holy Priests serving in Her. I believe She has MANY Faithful Catholics who know, love and serve God. Are we perfect, of course not. Do we doubt, sure. Are we scared, of course. We are like the Apostles way back in the BEGINNING when they hid because they didn’t have a clue. We have FATHER SON AND HOLY SPIRIT WITH US 24-7/365. We have the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. We have the Sacraments, we have the Eucharist, we have Mass. HE IS WITH US. We can not take our eyes off of him and give in to satan’s plots and ploys.
Yes, there are HORRIBLE things going on in our Church today. Yes things are being done from those in authority that are hurting us down to our core. Yes there are people on the inside in high places that have their own agendas. There are men and women who want to make God’s Catholic Church into their own Catholic Church-----nothing even close to each other. Should we ignore their efforts? Should we turn a blind eye? Of course NOT. This is the time to “pick up our swords”—Rosaries, hours of Adoration, frequent Mass, LOTH, DAILY UNceasing prayer. This is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE! This is a battle we lay people as well as the clergy MUST FIGHT and FIGHT CONSTANTLY. We must not tire, we must not give up, we must not throw our hands up in despair. The BATTLE WILL BE WON but we MUST do our part, not sit on the sidelines and just watch others do it for us. If we don’t fight now, will we be able to fight later? Will there be anything to fight for is we let things just go on and sit on the sidelines.
The One Holy Catholic Church is OUR CHURCH-----IF we love Her we need to fight for Her with our every breath and every ounce of will we have. GOD BE WITH US Father Son Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and angels surround and protect us from satan and all his evil ways. Amen!


Let’s see…I went to Mass last night and I’ll probably go again today and there were no secret police coming to arrest me for going to Mass or for having a Jesus statue in my home.
The priest said the Mass without any soldiers showing up to behead him, hang him, crucify him, or disembowel him.
Nobody burned anybody at the stake. No mobs showed up to burn down the church. No rocks came flying through the stained glass windows.
I don’t have to worry about getting questioned if my scapular falls out of my shirt and somebody sees it.
I’m allowed to post about Catholicism on the Internet without anybody beating down my door.
I don’t have to worry about an army of Protestants, Muslims, or Communists coming to kill me or drive me out of my home or my city.
I’ll be able to vote in the upcoming election without having to hide the fact that I am Catholic.

Seems like just another day in Paradise compared to what a lot of our forebears went through. (Or are still going through under certain oppressive regimes)

Men sin, including clergy men. Some men sin more than others. Some men will become saints. There’s probably sinners and saints going about the day in your area right now. Let’s pray for them all and thank God for our blessings.


Feast of St. Dominic

Our pastor used the second option for the Gospel readings this morning, which he said were the proper for the Feast of St. Dominic. (Luke 9:57-62) Each of these three encounters with Jesus describe the urgency of discipleship. Our pastor recalled the words of Martin Luther King Jr, describing what he called a “fierce urgency of now” I felt this sense of urgency when I got the call to be Catholic and I’m feeling it again now. I think that’s why I’ve been going to daily mass again.

Another thing my pastor said this morning was that although the world, (and to some of us the Church) looks like a mess, Like St. Dominic, we are wonderfully made for this. We’re always called to reform.

God bless you CJ! Keep up the good fight.


We have much reason for hope.

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what is so dark about the present?

Perhaps you are in a very negative mindset at the moment. Start looking to the beauty and all the positives.

there is nothing to fear except God.

who is scared and why?

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