Some Valley women unhappy with contraceptive device


WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The first thing Brandy Woods felt was the bleeding.

It started shortly after Woods, a Warren native and current resident, had a permanent contraception device known as Essure inserted in her in Sept. 2012. Then there was the pain. She had to stay in bed and said that at times, she felt like she was in labor.

Eventually, after consulting with her doctor, she decided her only option was to get a hystorectomy at 29 years of age.


Choices have consequences.


A truth people seem to have forgotten.


Which illustrates the need for full and comprehensive information so that one can then make an informed, free-will, choice.


That would be pretty awesome. But, some people in authority positions think us little people just aren’t smart enough to to know what is in our best interests and we need them to make the decision for us.


Well when you shove things up your fallopian tubes…


I agree. It’s shameful how little disclosure is given. I was just reacting to what I thought was an off-hand “who cares” type of response to a problem that is affecting actual human beings. I don’t agree with artificial birth control and I can’t bring myself to take the position of “you made your bed, now lie in it” when the people in question may not have had the adequate information (pharmaceutical and spiritual) in order to make an informed choice. Separating the sin from the sinner, which I hope people will graciously do for me.


I don’t understand why she didn’t just have her tubes tied. Wouldn’t that also have been permanent?


Essure is sold as the cheaper, safer non-surgery option.


Thank You for saying this so eloquently. Although I choose to not use birth control and believe strongly that information about its risks and side effects should be better shared, I can’t bring myself to blame the victim.


I agree. I thought the first response was very callous.


Why would you put something in your body without being fully informed about it?


A lot of people trust that their doctors are looking out for their best interests. :shrug:


Well, because (unless we grow and/or husband all of our nutrition in conditions that we know absolutely everything about and we don’t breathe the ambient air, and never fall and scrape our knee on a sidewalk (which could have staph bacteria,), etc.) it is something we all do.


This article is specifically about a medical device. Why would you put a medical device in your body without being well informed of the inherent risks and dangers?

Especially a medical device that is not needed?


Because some people aren’t as intelligent as you.


It doesn’t take intelligence…


While the immorality of contraception is not rooted in the harmful health effects of various devices or drugs, it is quite telling that Catholics are leading the charge in informing the public about those harmful health effects.


That is the whole point. The doctors do tell the patients that it is safe and effective. The available research for the patient agrees with the doctor. The patient is likely NOT Catholic, has never heard of the concept that birth control is sinful, and does not in fact share your point of view. Now, she is suffering. Could you try to dig deep and find some compassion please?


Why do you assume that I don’t have compassion?

My father loved me but he still let me know when I was being an idiot.

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