Some Western Md. Residents Want To Form Their Own State


WESTMINSTER, Md. (WJZ) — A tale of two Marylands: Western Maryland and the rest of the state. Fed up with high taxes and gun control, some people want to break away and go it alone.

Mary Bubala explains why they’re trying to form their own state.

There’s a storm brewing over the beautiful mountains and valleys of Western Maryland. More and more people in those five counties say Governor Martin O’Malley is out of touch and they want to break away from the rest of the state.


Old story.

Having said that, I think most Marylanders, outside of the Baltimore/DC corridor would love to break off from Baltimore City, Montgomery, and Prince George’s County (and parts of Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore County)


Is it safe to assume that Western Maryland is very conservative?


I think a better solution is to separate large urban areas from surrounding states. Most people in New York don’t like taking a back seat to NYC politics. Most people in Illinois don’t like taking a back seat to Chicago politics. Most people in Washington state don’t like taking a back seat to Seattle politics.

The division between urban and rural state is becoming unworkable as the balance of population shifts towards urban.


That, and the Eastern Shore. Prior to people commuting so far because if the unbelievable housing costs in DC, Southern Maryland was very conservative as well.


It has reached the point of absurdity. In the last IL governor’s election every county in the state except for two had a majority vote for the republican guy. The Democratic candidate carried the majority of only two counties. One of those was Cook County, of course. That was enough to win the whole state.

As the urban world is increasingly culturally different from the culture of those better grounded in reality (opinion!), this sort of conflict is going to increase. Maybe not Hunger Games extreme, but something along those lines.


The same here in WA (as noted earlier in the thread). King, Pierce, and to some degree, Snohomish county determine everything here, with King by far leading the way. What King county wants, King county gets. The rest of us in rural E. WA have to just toe the line.

I’m close enough to the ID border, maybe I should move there…

Amen! I recently moved back from the Seattle are to E. WA and the cultural contrast couldn’t be more evident. The difference in bumper stickers (Seattle: tons of Obama/Biden, E. WA: N0bama stickers), the difference in vehicles (Seattle: tons of Smart/Prius, E. WA: sedans, trucks, older cards), the difference in broadcast news, the difference in guns (Seattle: I had a dinner guest express shock and horror at my gun safe (closed and locked!) in the house, E. WA: gun racks in trucks, hunters in orange walking along the roadside), and more.

Yet the consistent difference is that the urban folk express, at best, contempt for the rural folk, and at worst, outright shock and horror, and demand we conform to their demands. Those of us in rural areas look at the urbanites and just shake our head, shrug, and say “Well, if they want to live like that…”


In Minnesota, we have Hennepin (Minneapolis) and St. Louis County (Duluth, northern college town). Those two alone basically swing elections here.


Growing up in PA, that was the case with Philly. I assume it still is the case that the bigger urban centers in the east - Philly, Lehigh Valley, Scranton/Wilkes Barre - and Pittsburgh in the west, influence statewide elections.



Pfft, California has multiple secessionist groups both of which are reasonable to some degree.


Wonder if Illinois would take the City of St. Louis.

I have little hope that Kansas will want Jackson County, Missouri, but one can dream. :slight_smile:


Beat it pal.

And take East Saint Louis with you while you’re at it, troublemaker! IIRC, they’re the only other county that voted blue in that election…


As someone from Illinois I can sympathize with MD. There’s Chicagoland and the rest of the state. (If Missouri really wanted East St. Louis they can have it.)


I’m sure if you could draw a line at IL-157, there would be a lot of people who would agree with you (otherwise, I’d bet that the good residents of Mascoutah might have other ideas).


Okay, there’s room for compromise here.

The City of St. Louis can be merged with East St. Louis to form its own state. We could then make another out of Jackson County (Kansas City), then gerrymander down the I-70 corridor to include Columbia, Mo. You can wish Chicago off on Wisconsin or somebody.


MD is a typically dysfunctional blue state. I don’t blame them for wishing to leave.

I’d love to sell Fairfax and Loudon County VA to MD.


Help me snooker the Canadians into taking Chicago and you got a deal. They might bite if they figure they get to close the locks and isolate Lake Michigan from the Mississippi River that way…


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