Someone Anonymous - Prayed For Me


First, let me say, this is a very infrequent mood -
but I can pick it up when it happens -
when someone has prayed for me !

Has anyone else ever felt that ?
Knowing someone took the time - say maybe 10-15 minutes -
and prayed to God - about you - or for you - etc


I’ve had that feeling too. Return the favor and pray for someone else. :slight_smile:


Got to agree with BoomBoom, pay it forward!


It’s funny. Whoever sits in front of me - at church - I will pray for.
I know a fair amount of faces -

That’s why I feel it must of been someone from church who prayed for me.
I can take a few guesses at who - but who’s to say.

But - the feeling I get - is how - someone else’s prayer
has surpassed all mine - for myself !


Nope and I need them too…


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