Someone ate meat today

I watched someone eat meat today. I told them not to eat it before they they took the bite, but they ate it anyways. However, I did not tell him why he shouldn’t eat meat on Friday. I do not know if he knew the Lenten rules.

Did I commit a mortal sin because I didn’t tell this person that he can’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent?

If the person you are talking about is not Catholic then he won’t care anyway. You didn’t tell us if he is Catholic.

It is not your job to police what other peopl eat, unless you are their parent and they are a minor child. Mind what you eat, and let others take care of themselves. The Lenten discipline does not bind non-Catholics, by the way.

It is not our job to be the Lent Police. Getting in someones face about eating meat on Friday is not charitable.

If they are not Catholic they are not bond by the Lenten abstinence and fast rules. If they are a non-practicing Catholic they are not going to appreciate you telling them they can’t eat it. If they are a practicing Catholic there are ways to remind them without directly telling them not to eat meat. While I was Baptist, I was at a CE course with a Catholic friend. I noticed he was about to cut into a piece of pork. Instead of jumping on him about eating meat on a Lenten Friday I mentioned how surprised I was that they didn’t have fish since it was Lent. He put his fork down and whispered a thank you in my ear. I didn’t make a scene at the table. He forgot that it was the 1st Friday in Lent. I didn’t embarrass him by directly reminding him it was Lent.

And if they are a minor child then they don’t have to abstain.

BTW I ate meat today - but I’m in Canada with different rules. We can perform an act of charity instead. So location counts too.

I ate the meat WHILE performing the act of charity. Someone gave me a sandwich and I thought it better to accept than to quibble in the context.

I had the Memphis Thickburger from Hardee’s today.

A) Abstention applies to everyone 14 and over.

B) Parents certainly can have their children under 14 abstain. No one in my husband’s household ate meat on Fridays when he was growing up, child or not.

C) The Church encourages parents to instill the value of penance and sacrifice in their children through voluntary acts-- including following the Lenten practices even though not bound by law.

Of course the Church encourages penance: But it is not Church law, nor would it have been sinful for the children to have eaten meat.

I never said it was.

We shouldn’t worry about other people. That’s between that person and God. We need to get this whole mortal/venial sins out of our head. This will just cause us to grief constantly and never fully be free to love him and others.

Not everyone is in a position, medically, within their knowledge and opportunity, to eat totally vegetarian. As long as they know the Church’s tradition, that should remain between them, their priest, and possibly their doctor. The only sin we could recognize for sure would be making a grand display of eating meat in front of those who cannot as such would be unloving. The act of eating it is not necessarily.

And frankly, some of us would rather eat vegetarian more if we could. Lucky felafel and almond milk, and salad consumers…

Thank you for all the responses.

He was raised Catholic, but said he has not been to the Catholic Church in years. He says he has his own personal relationship with God.

Thats great that you have concern for him but it’s best to leave him alone and not force him to do something he is not ready for. Pray for him and leave the rest up to God.


And he is my dad, if that makes any difference.

Not really. He gave you his answer. Just pray for him and lead by example. As he sees you growing in faith he may be drawn back to the Church. Sometimes a silent witness speaks louder than words.

No, I wouldn’t think so. He’s a big boy. It is up to him and God. But certainly, pray.

I think this is definitely true, and probably more beneficial in most cases.

I agree.

I would ask a preist about this.

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