Someone has to die

Let’s imagine for a moment that you find yourself in a difficult position — one that has led to abject panic about your future career, the fate of a valued relationship, or whether you’ll even be able to make ends meet. Let’s also stipulate that your difficulty is largely your fault. You made some short-sighted, bad decisions that precipitated the crisis, but questions of responsibility are moot now — all that exists is the crisis, the stress that has overtaken your life. To be sure, there’s a way forward, a way out of the crisis, but even the most attractive options will require considerable commitment for most of a year — with potential for prolonged heartache.

Then, one evening you’re offered a way out. Your most recent troubles can go away, for the cost of a few hundred dollars and most of an afternoon. The catch? Someone has to die.

I think you are preaching to the choir.

Still, I thought it was a novel way of looking at it.

Agreed, that one had me thinking for a bit.

Thanks for the link. Interesting point.

According to Guttmacher Institute/CDC over 54 million children have been exterminated since Roe v. Wade. And after all these years, not one honest debate about the moral aspects and questions, like when life actually begins.

I regret that I was once such a person that bought into the modern way of the culture of death, and even advocated for it on occasion, in the depth of ignorance and selfishness.:frowning:

Very interesting take on this.

The phrase “not one honest debate” applies pretty generally to issues of modern culture. Honest debate is the last thing that advocates will tolerate.

It is my belief that those who have crossed over from the dark side on this, or any issue, are best positioned to help others make the same crossing.

Only if the folks on the other side are listening and understanding.

It’s easy to just plug up ones ears and not listen. I was in willful ignorance for a long time, because to look at the question honestly would mean that I would have to change. I was comfortable in my own depravity, and change is both unknown territory and a painful process.

It’s a bit like cleaning a large scrape on soft skin, picking at the edges doesn’t work, only determined scrubbing or pulling away of the scab, followed by a good cleansing and antibiotics.

God has to open the ears and eyes first. Then Love has a chance to be seen and heard…

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