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We have a friend who has been attending Mass with us for about 3 months. Wants to follow the Mass more closely. We pretty much let this evolve with Gods Grace. What would you suggest as to a booklet on this? He is now feeling a bit out of place because he is becoming interested rather than seeing it as a social event with my wife and I.

So, what should I order here at the site?
Suggestions please!!!


I think you may want to contact Catholic Answers directly.

Does your parish use missalettes?
He can follow along with one of those very well
You can buy single copies from WLP

Hi, Rich!

…here’s an on-line booklet that I think will be most educational… you may be able to order it from EWTN or or

The Hidden Treasue of the Holy Mass: (

…though this may be something that you would want to study before sharing it so that you could assist guiding your friend through the rough edges…

…another source that is also on-line is the CCC–this one page opens with the Sacraments; excellent for seeding the Faith:



…and don’t forget your parish’s Daily Missal; you can ask the permission of the Rector to take two samples home with you so that you can help your friend better understand the Celebration of the Mass.

Maran atha!


What he is really evolving to is, (scripturally speaking)

*]why the mass and why go to mass on Sunday
said in 2 different ways
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