Someone please help with this Catholic PDA

I went to this website to download something to my phone now I purchased this and it want download all I have is my confirmation # and have no way to get intouch with them.

Does anyone know this stuff and would be willing to help me?


I have not used this package but it looks interesting.

There is an online user manual that tell you to download it to your pc and then tells you how to install it. Depending on which device you are using you may need to also download an included utility program to interpret that data.

Most download companies will send you a confirmation email with a link to click on to start the download or to enter the confirmation ID. Check your email - sometimes it goes to your spam folder so check that too.

They should have a customer support phone number of email as well.

Good Luck,

If you paid with a credit card call the credit card company and ask if there is a phone number on the transaction. If you used a debit card, check your bank account for the transaction. I recently had a similar situation where I bought something from a company that had very little contact information. I got the phone number from the transaction listing in my bank account.

Also, I noticed on the website you provided that the software is for Palm or Pocket PC devices only. Check your phone and make sure it meets the specific installation requirements.
Edit: I was clicking around the site and found this contact page:

You can get the program @
*]Catholic verses & apologetic notes for Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Baptism, Papacy, Priests, Purgatory, Prayer, Mary, The Blessed Eucharist - all in your PDA.
*]Uses the full RSV or NAB or NRSV or all of them. Bible is handy to read when waiting for the plane, bus or on the move.
*]Free condensed version online for cell phones without the full Bible.[/LIST]Best place for support for the notes & Bookmarks is

And you can email Catholic PDA support anytime @

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