Someone please wish me Happy Anniversary


Today is our 23rd anniversary. When I got up, I told dh ‘happy anniversary’ and gave him a card. (no gifts - dinner out w/ the kids later) He said, “Oh yeah. Your card is still at the store.” Later he said, “Wow, 23 years.” No happy anniversary, no apology, nothing. —KCT


Happy Anniversary KCT!!! I hope your dearest husband will do something nice maybe later tonight???

I understand how you feel. My husband is a louse too, when it comes to remembering such stuff. And I have been continually so hurt by it myself. Why just this past B-day, no gift, no special plans, it wasn’t until I was in tears alone, going to a film alone and telling him how hurt I was, that he even got a card for me.

Just know Jesus is your ultimate husband, provider and friend. He will be the only one to never let you down.

Happy Anniversary again!!! You’re special




I’m really sorry it hasn’t turned out to be all that one would hope for. I hope the other 364 days of the year your husband treats you sweetly. If not, then I do hope you will find strength and courage to find help for a troubled marriage.

Mine hasn’t been so hot and I sort of dread every anniversary. This year there is hope tho, as my husband is getting the help he needs.

Maybe by the time he comes home from work you husband will be more focused and do something special for you?


Happy Anniversary :slight_smile: He sounds like my husband:rolleyes: …mine has improved a bit I must say…


**Happy Anniversary!!! :slight_smile: **


Hey, congrats! 23 years eh? I’m sure he just thinks every day’s been like an anniversary celebration :smiley:



Happy Anniversary!!! i have alot of kin, and i am the only one not married. What the woman do is get the family together and give gifts and dinner. Most of my kin (men) are really being saved due to the fact that they would not have remembered if not for the gatherings. i wonder if it is more important to the women than the men regarding Anniversaries? i would hope that i would only be happy to have a husband than the remembering.

Happy Anniversary again!!!



Happy Anniversary!

We are also at 23. Well, it’ll be 24 in October.

I hate special occasions. I want to do so much for my wife, but between work, the kids and all, it’s really hard to get the perfect present. Cards I do; I’ve only forgotten her birthday once (boy was that bad). What do you do for someone who isn’t materialistic, never shares what she would want, and just jokes “diamonds would be nice”?

Meanwhile, while I’m gone at work, the kids and my wife conspire to do just the right thing for me for my birthday and Christmas. I am not worthy.

Anniversaries are really just cards and dinner out with the kids. And it ALWAYS seems to be phase II.


Happy anniversary and while your husband was perhaps sad or grumpy and didn’t give you the kind of answer you wanted, please remember that men are not so much into anniversaries as women are. We just don’t get the whole thing. :wink:


Happy Anniversary KCT!

You must be married to my husband. :smiley:

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happy anniversary, the best way to feel better about this yourself is to knock yourself out and do something really sweet for your hon, but not in a left-handed way that comes off as a criticism (encourage him to go golfing if that’s what it takes, or wash his car-- my husband takes that as the ultimate love bug since I hate it so much).

DD was smart and got married on her birthday, which makes her hubby’s job much easier, only one date to remember.


[size=]Happy Anniversary KC![/size]

We don’t forget and are not tuned to our wives needs because we don’t care - we just suck sometimes, but we always love you dearly even though we may not show it like you want to see it.


Thank you!

Dh did go out earlier (for beer and Mikes - we’re having a cook out on Sunday) and came home w/ a card and flowers.

I thanked him, but I was disappointed this morning. If he can remember when his favorite TV shows are on, why can’t he remember what’s important to me? —KCT


While I understand how nice it is for the other to remember a significant day…an anniversary is a celebration for both of you. Why not work on planning ahead…together…to make the day special for both of you?

It is not a love test, or a memory test.

Just like we don’t ignore Christmas or back to school or other important dates, but we write them on the calendar, discuss them ahead of time together and plan…why not do the same with other important dates like anniversaries and birthdays?

Anyway, that is how we do it in my house. No one sits around hoping for a surprise, we get our heads together to make a special day doing something together we both enjoy. It is something we look forward to together, not something anyone has to worry about forgetting, or look toward with dread that they might not meet the other’s unspoken expectations.

I’m sorry if I am being unsupportive, but sometimes I feel we create hurdles that don’t have to be there, and attach a great deal of significance to them.

If you love one another and believe in honesty and communication…why play coy when it comes to the very day which honors your covenant with one another?


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! If he remembered the other 22, give him a break. If he just doesn’t do anniversaries, give yourself a treat.


Not unsupportive at all. We were making plans to go away overnight, but our military son ended up coming home on leave, so we stayed home. We did plan on dinner out, which was nice.


Happy 23rd Anniversary, KCT!!! My hubby tells that same old tired “the card is at the store” joke, too. :rolleyes: He did bring me a dozen roses and a nice dinner this year(it was one of the big years, though)! Maybe he’ll do something nice for your 25th.

Anyway, I hope you have a nice visit with your son. :slight_smile:


A visit from your son is a wonderful anniversary celebration! Congrats on both!

As for husband’s forgetting… I am of the mind that I have seen husbands who are perfectly capable of remembering. No excuses. They know when to show up for work. They mark calendars when it’s important for work.

If it’s important to you, they should know it. They certainly knew what hoops to jump through to get us to marry them.

Mine even had the date engraved in his wedding ring. Which he could have checked, had he ever bothered to wear his ring.

And he would sometimes ignore the date and tell me I was being punished.

He knew Babe Ruth’s birthday off the top of his head. I don’t see any big deal expecting him to remember our anniversary.

But if your husband forgets, go buy yourself that lovely new thing you wanted so bad. Bring it in and happily announce: LOOK WHAT YOU GAVE ME FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY!

Then give him a big kiss. Say thank you.

Then walk away. Turn around and tell him he would have gotten so much more if you didn’t have to pick it up at the store and if he had actually wrapped it and given it to you himself. Then leave him alone staring at his coffee cup.

Maybe next year he won’t make the same mistake.

(Note, this only works with normal men with a conscience and a sense of shame. I wouldn’t have tried this at home myself.) :eek:


Yes, Happy 23rd anniversary KCT. Just think: if your husband had been properly attentive, you would never have received all these good wishes and prayers that you may have many more happy anniversaries.

May God bless you and your family,:slight_smile:


My husband i are married 361/2 years. some Annivesaries are better then others. So next year or even this weekend plan something fun. One year we celebrated for a week. it was great. I try not to disappoint myself with him doing the planning. He is truly not good at it. so I do it and he is always ready for what ever I plan. Happy Anniversary

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