Someone walks up to you, looks in your eyes and spits in your face


I recently watched the movie To Kill a Mockingbird again. So here of course I am referring to the spitting scene. When Atticus Finch, the lawyer, is spat in the face by a guy who hated him for defending an Afro American. (1930s)
I ask myself what would I do in that situation. of course I would be tempted to use an expletive or two and probably would. Would I really be able to avoid a violent physical reaction? I cant guarantee I wouldn’t.
Now of course the Christian parallel of “turning the other cheek” is represented by Atticus’ decision to just wipe his face, move past and return to his car. It was a powerful scene and really Atticus is a Christ figure. Just as Jesus was spat on and humiliated but chose not to react.

The challenge for Christian men especially is to stand our ground like Atticus, maintain eye contact but not physically or verbally react. Like the gospels, the ideal, the bar is set high. Can we , can you ,do what Atticus did?


Spitting is considered an offence. You can be charged for assault in my country.I might contact the police at some stage. Depends on the actual context.


I think as a lawyer, a professional, Atticus had to act properly in order to maintain his status and respect in the community.


Going to 2:12 - on this clip !


but that was several slaps in the face.
a little different scenario to being spat on, no?


Just walk away peacefully and pray to God to forgive his sins.


Have you seen this movie, goodcatholic ?


This is a work of fiction you know.

Maybe I have the wrong idea, but the idea of black defendants being tried in court with white lawyers was that unusual to people in the 1930’s and this kind of hatred and assault would seem to be unusual even then.


Given the utter disdain for free speech shown by the left, this will soon be a common occurrence for supporters of President Trump.


Given the fact that yesterday, an adult threw a drink in a child’s face and ripped the MAGA hat off the child’s head. He then swore at the child and stole his hat.

I’d say it’s timely. When a 30 year old man does this to a child, you know Trump supporters are fair game.

If it bothers you, stop your fellow leftists from doing such actions.


An interesting post. Mainly because it has happened to me several times. Not the same thing at all though, my events happened when I was working with low functioning autistic kids. [I work with high functioning now though.]

Even with autistic kids, some people have a really tough time doing the right thing by not retaliating. There is real danger sometimes when this happens. Certain infections can be passed along with saliva.

It is the Granddaddy of insults. I guess that is why it figures so prominently in Bible stories. I think if this happened to me courtesy of the lips of a “normal person,” I would return the favor. Immediately.


Just sigh and say, “What’d I do this time, Mom?”


I know that what we should do is show love and forgiveness… but I’m not the greatest at doing what I should do. I think it honestly depends on the mood I’m in at the moment. If I’m already ticked off about something I’d probably get physical. If I just got done praying the rosary and/or contemplating the Passion of Jesus Christ and how He was unfairly humilitated, tortured, and killed, I’d probably be able to brush it off.


If a full mentally- functioning adult spat in my face, my fist would make quick contact with their nose.

I wouldn’t even think twice about it.

This is , of course, completely the wrong but honest answer. I am only human :wink:


I think we should also look at Jesus’s response when struck too. It was not entirely pacifist, though better than I could manage.


Your response indicates why you don’t see people spitting in each other’s faces that often.

People intuitively understand that few people will stand for it, even though it apparently happened in “To Kill a Mockingbird” for a pretty weak reason.


I would, I think…but I’m having a good day so maybe that’s just influencing my answer. Really, though, I think we should all try to do the right thing. I don’t like lukewarm Christians, that say one thing and then practice another!!


Persecution complex…sensationalism…
Yes poor President Trump is such a mild mannered poorly treated underdog :P.


I see our President as a little bit feisty and not really that mild mannered.


How did this thread become an anti-leftist, pro-Trump rallying cry so soon?

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