Something happened during the Gloria

Not sure where to post this - yesterday at Mass, during the Gloria, I had this feeling like I was truly worshipping with everyone in heaven and felt this awesome feeling like this is what heaven will be like. It was way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced during Mass. Wow! Anyone ever experienced something like this?


I’ve experienced the same thing before during the Gloria. It was truly an amazing experience.


Yes. What you experienced, according to our faith, is the reality. It’s not just “what heaven will be like”, but what heaven is like right now.

Peace to you.


Oft times, I experience great feeling during Mass. Sometimes, it is prayer, while other times it is song.


I have also had this experience. For me, it seemed like I had slipped out of my present time into a different awareness - being caught up in the moment.


Yes, this happens from time to time. Yesterday, during the recessional hymn, feeling the praise of the people joining with holy saints and angels.

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