Something I noticed about East coast and West coast hip-hop history

Before I go on I’d like to see that for the most part I dont listen to much hip-hop.That genre of music and most modern along with the majority of music videos are way to vulgar for my tastes.However this is something notable I thought of when I was thinking about the history of music.In my opinion there something about East coast hip-hop that was a drving component 2 it’s development and how it is now.I dont think the West coast had as many R&B singers as the East coast or at least ones that frequently collaborated with rappers.If you think about during the mid 90’s the East coast had R&B artists like Boys2men, R.Kelly, Aaliyah,Ashanti and Mariah Carey who all blended in rap with their music as well as throwing in their own vocals.That and more recent and evident electronica based music has changed it.Does anyone agree?. Thank you very much so for your time.

I agree. The WestCoast has a less-rooted history in R&B, jazz, blues, etc.

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