Something I’ve learned


We are all one body essentially -Protestants and Catholics alike . I put them in that order because I went from one to the other. I can’t speak for orthodox as don’t know any but just from my own experience we are all worriers, we are all trying our best, we can all be scrupulous and we all spend times picking our lives to bits at some times and not being rigorous enough at others. Do you know what we all of us have in common - we are all throwing ourselves on the mercy of the Lord all the time. Think about here on The forums - It sounds like ‘am I good enough?’ ‘what have I done ?’ ‘ help me’ ‘ I’ve screwed up’ ‘ what shall I do ?’ ‘Can you help me’. This whole forum tells me that we are ministering for one another for the most part. Every time you answer someone else you are reaching out as members of the body of Christ hallelujah. Xxx


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