Something I'm going to Need To Confess


I put down my mom today. Initially when I said it it it was toungue in cheek and meant to be a tease. At the time I didn’t realise it was actually a put down. Now I feel really bad about it.

I went today to buy a new rosary because my cat broke my previous one while playing with it. when I am dealing with people I have anxieties because of the way I’ve been treated all my life. All of my life I’ve been around people who love to play stupid petty head games and tease you horribly while making it out to be a joke. And they always expect me to joke back in the exact same way with them or they get angry at me for being a limp sister. Even though I’ve tried and tried and tried to tell them how it makes me feel to be that way, they are completely incapable of understanding how their jokes makes me feel. In actuality, those are not jokes and they are not joking around, but it is being belittled to no end. They just wrap it up as jokes to justify their behavior.

i’ve tried telling them dozens of times how it makes me feel so I’ve just given up because they can not understand. So i’ve gotten to just saying nothing and they get really angry at me when I do that. So I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. All this stuff does is go around in my head and drives me nutds because I can’t get away with it. Oh yes, and it’s always my fault that they have to treat me in this manner too.

Because of being that way all my life I often say things a split second before I actually think it. And I hate being this way. I am trying to change but it’s very difficult. And because of things being that way I always expect other people to start laying in to me. Most of the time they do.

But the other thing is too that my mom doesn’t approve of me being a Catholic. But she accepts it and as long as we don’t talk about it she’s fine with it. She tends to take things personally, even when I am not trying to be.

So I’m going to confess to this in the confessional this week that I put my mother down. I can’t tell her about it because she’ll get upset that I got a rosary let alone put her down. And so I can only express myself on this matter here.

Mom, I’m sorry for what I did.

This is more of a vent than anything else. I’ve been in a really poor mood lately.Thank you for eltting me vent.


dear starwynd,

I am so sorry to hear of your cross. God bless your kind heart, I pray you feel better after confession, know that Jesus and the Father are merciful.

I will say some prayers for you right now that you feel better.



Maybe this will show someone how it feels to be at the receiving end of this sort of thing.


I’m not quite sure why you can’t tell your Mom you’re sorry? You don’t have to mention your rosary or your faith.

Couldn’t you just say: “Mom, people kid me in the same sort of way and I find it hurtful so I know better than to do it to someone else. I’m sorry.” You may feel better if you do. Tomorrow is another day and you will do better.

Isn’t it quite possible that if you confess saying something hateful to your Mother that the priest may even suggest an apology as part of your penance? :o


Your strategy of not responding to people who make fun of you is a good one. I know it’s hard, but I would encourage you to continue. I will pray for you and you mom.


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