Something is in my house

Hello everybody i am new to this im not sure how this works but please help me.

there seems to be a problem in my house im afraid to mention it to the people i know because they my not be able to comprehend it.

ok well were do I start well at times my front door opens on its own and they other night I heard a loud knock on the door and my porch light sensor went completely I have a 6ft iron fence outside my house so it couldn’t of been anybody I was told do not open the door if that happens because if you do you can let what every it is in the house

another thing that is happening is my sink turns on by itself and so does my childrens toys it just happened right now as I was texting this. At times at night I can see a dark shadow from the corner of my eyes peeping at me in my hallway my wife sees it as well I try not to pay attention or fear it I believe thats what it wants to be feared or recognized sometimes I feel like im not myself and occasionally me my wife have random arguments all of this has been happening for the past 2 years now thats when we first moved in to this house
I feel like it is getting a little more intense since ive been doing research on Illuminati and questioning Americas government on how it first started it gets deeper but im going keep it to minimum my wife likes to watch paranormal videos on YouTube I know this is not helping the situation just today when we came back from the store we walked in the house my wife looked at me and said this house is possessed I said why do you say that she told me when we were gone she felt normal and now that we walked in im not, so I got a bottle and went to are catholic church which is a block down the street filled it up with holy and prayed I wanted to speak to somebody but no one was around so im asking for feedback I want to bless my house can some one please help
and guide me on how to start i would highly appreciate it.

First, are you Catholic? If you have holy water, sprinkle it around your house. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet out loud. Do not bring anything paranormal into your house ( via tv or any other way), why ask for trouble?

It may be everyone’s imagination run wild, but if you are Catholic, you can have a priest come to bless your house. If you aren’t Catholic, talk to a priest about it anyway.

I agree that you should have a priest bless your house. I advise you to ask him calmly.
You and your wife should stop having anything doing with the occult enter your house. I see from what you say that you are trying to keep this to a minimum. But obviously, what you have been doing is doing you harm, and you and your wife should stop it all immediately. There are many other cases where people’s involvement with the occult causes such a thing, involving the devil.
I will pray for you in your situation.

Yikes! :eek: Definitely get the house blessed. And I would bring in some blessed crucifix’s.

Prayers for you in your situation. Have you or your wife considered seeking help from a mental health professional? Seek out a priest, but there may be more going on here that spiritual issues.

Keep yourselves in a state of grace so the devil can’t harm you … and have an exorcist exorcize the house. I’m afraid your house appears to be possessed.

Good grief, don’t jump to such a hasty conclusion.

Well, I’m not sure about your particular situation, but it does appear demonic at the surface. I’m not so sure what you’re talking about in regards to “America’s government”, that does send of flags for me (meaning that I doubt that a demon would care one way or the other that you’re looking at that.)

IF 1) You’re the man of the house and 2) this is demonic THEN you need to step it up on the spiritual side.

I agree about the holy water - go get it, sprinkle it around while saying an Our Father, an Angle of God, or a prayer to St. Michael. I like blessed salt too - sticks around a while longer.

Also, you might ask for a priest or deacon to bless your home.

Then, you need to do your homework on the spiritual world. I’d suggest that looking at paranormal videos is a bad idea (shows the wrong side of the equation).

Those are my thoughts…

First and foremost, buy several nice statues of Blessed Mary. If you order them by mail, make arrangements to have them sent to the Catholic church, then have them blessed before you attempt to bring them home. This DOES make a difference, and a big one.

Beyond that, the solution will very likely be an ongoing effort which continues to unfold as you learn more and strengthen. Remember, although demons are not to be taken lightly, thye can not do any more than God allows.

Do a search here for words such as ‘demons’, ‘demonic’, etc., and read, read, read.

If your wife is experiencing these things too, I doubt that the issue is clinical. Even so, I would make arrangements to see a reputable psych, and rule out the possibility of clinical issues. Do NOT let a psych medicate you without several ‘second opinions’.

Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions. Been there, done that, got the T shirt.

Also, do a search for ‘blessed salt’, or even better, ‘exorcised salt’. Learn about, but some plain table salt with no iodine, bring the blessing with you, and ask a Priest to bless it. He should be willing to bless it for you even if you are not Catholic.

If you want to go thermonuclear, find a Priest who knows how to exorcise salt, exorcise water, mix the two, and add a third blessing.

And read, read, read.

I would have my home first blessed by a priest.

If I were in your position, I would purchase some miraculous medals, have them blessed, and put several in every room of the house, including closets. These may be bought on line for about 20 cents apiece. Mary is very powerful in this regard.

I would get a gallon of holy water and sprinkle every room for nine days in honor of the sacred heart of Jesus, after which say some prayers to the sacred heart of Jesus each day.

And I would wear or carry a miraculous medal and have everyone in the house do the same.

Then say this prayer at least four times a day.
“I bind you every spirit, that is not of the Holy Spirit and present in this house,at the foot of the cross of Jesus, to await the judgement of Our Lord.”
This prayer may be said any time it may be needed. Every christian has the power and
right to “bind” satan.

Thanks for the positive and barbarian comments ive I did the prayers and sprinkled holy water on all areas in my house after I was done felt so releaved and can feel a positive vibe in my house my family is happy I will continue to pray and ask are priest to bless our house again thanks for the comments and god bless.

My experience has been that doing the holy water and prayers is not a one-time deal. You have to do it each and every day, with reverence.

I’ve had good experiences, also going to Middle Eastern priests, to get blessed, exorcized salt and water, like my Maronite priests. In the Middle East, they are very understanding about these things.

:sad_yes: I agree with this. I invested in a lovely St.Benedict cross. It is known to assist in this sort of thing, exorcism’s and the occult. I also had my house blessed by our parish Priest. After this, my son had no more problems, and stopped ‘seeing’ the ‘thing’ in his room.

Holy water is good. I often sprinkle it around the whole house while praying. Concerntrate on the ‘bad’ areas in your house.

It sounds very scary, I pray it ends for you soon.
Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

  1. Recommit yourselves to God (repent, confess and truly intend to amend your lives) and ask for His protection.

  2. Stop with all the conspiracy theory exploration and paranormal video watching. (It’s a common trick of Satan to get us to be mistrustful and fearful of everything and to then convince us that God cannot protect us.)

  3. Have your house and yourselves blessed by a priest.

  4. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray!

You may have already checked your front door is shutting properly - if not ensure it is latching properly. If you have concerns that someone is opening the door from the outside that is not a family member then get the locks replaced and be selective who you give the keys out too. This should rule out physical human interference. If in doubt get a camera, ensure it is closed circuit that is not connected to the internet. Take the batteries out of the kid’s toys; if they start up with out them then you know you have a problem.

Discussing your government and the illuminate on an open forum will bring you certain grief. Firstly you don’t know who you are talking too; secondly you do not know what spiritual believes they have and how vindictive they can be. I am not talking about human to human contact.

Back away from the paranormal videos, anti government forums and seeking knowledge of the illuminate for a little while and see if things settle. I understand how you are feeling as I have been through this myself. Some say the shadows are diabolical - these experiences install tremendous fear beyond any previous experience. You may also be under monitoring; the shadows you and your wife see peeping around the corner may be some not so talented people doing SRV.

Certainly arrange for a house blessing; it is common to have the blessing yearly in some European countries. Attend Church, receive the Eucharist and if need be go to confession. Use holy water and pray around the house, bless the children before taking them to bed. If things continue then and you feel it is the diabolical then arranging through the Bishop to have a visit from an exorcist priest to visit and discuss a house exorcism.

hi, there the best i can think of is to get the brown scapular of our lady of carmal at your local catholic church and ask them to enroll you in the carmel fraternity,each scapular. our lady gave this to us to protect us from any danger and to deliver us from hell. i suggest you tie one around your front door and back, also i think each person in your household should wear one. i have been in a life threatening situation, and owe my life to this scapular. also you can get the green scapular as well to help settle any of your anxieties for your family as well. but it is vitally important that you are enrolled in the can add to that the rosary, our lady made 15 promises to those who devoutly say the rosary, and this will also calm you to know that no matter what evil exists you have the queen of heaven and earth praying for you and taking care of your your prayers ask all the angels and saints to keep you and your family safe,the novena to saint jude is particularly helpful, as well as the novena to the sacred heart of jesus,the holy spirit. you can find all of these online as well.tough times are there to remind us that no matter how ‘adult’ we are we are little children and all experience fear, this is an opportunity for you to lean on god, to have him be a father to you, say the our father,talk to god,he is waiting for you arms stretched wide,to comfort you, to be there for you.i can asure you 100% this works.
god bless

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