Something like a cat entered my room


I was dressing myself, and having vain-glory thoughts, when something like a white cat entered my room; but it vanished just as soon as I saw it. It scaried me half to death, I started trembling, and I made the Sign of the Cross several times. Keep me in your prayers.


Prayers for you. I think before jumping to any spiritual conclusions, you should see a doctor to rule out anything medical.


I will keep you in my prayers, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Even if this were some sort of apparition, it doesn’t have to be evil, necessarily.


I’ve got 2 cats. They enter my room all the time.

At 4 am they were found curled up together asleep on my flank.


:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping: A five star response–I could’nt find the star button so I’m just going to clap.

But seriously, I would consider the appearance of a WHITE animal to be positive.


I wouldn’t. Demons have been known to manifest themselves in white, too. They can even appear as angels of light if they want.

Eucharisted, if you can rule out a medical cause or any other natural explanation, then I suspect the Wiccan girlfriend or her Wiccan family have something to do with this.


A litter of newly born kittens was found at the loading dock of the company that I worked at. (From some feral or stray cat.) The Humane Society, at that time, was a kill shelter and did not have the resources to handfeed the kittens around the clock–so I took the SIX kittens. Four were solid white, the other two were gray tabbies. It was unlikely that they would all survive, but I gave it my best. They in fact did **all **survive. When they were old enough I attempted to find homes for them. Everyone wanted one of the WHITE kittens. I would have loved to keep one of the white ones too, but as I had found 4 good homes for WHITE kittens, I gave up my desire to keep one and kept the tabbies instead. Several decades later, a stray cat showed up at my door. She is a white cat, just like the kittens that I relinquished to good homes so many years before. I don’t think this is a coincidence, and I thank God for sending the WHITE CAT. Even though a cat of ANY COLOR is fantastic too!!!

Eucharisted: The WHITE cat is a message to you. You just have to figure out the specific message.


What did I miss? Wiccan girlfriend??? Are there other components to this puzzle not in the opening statement?


Nah, just stuck in my brain from old threads. :wink:


You actually think that Wiccans and similar people really have such powers?

That’s superstition.


I totally agree Becky. Eucharisted, make sure you get checked out by a good psychiatrist to make sure you weren’t hallucinating and also say a St. Michael the Archangel prayer at least daily.


You’re presuming quite a lot from my post. No I don’t think they have any actual powers, but by their service to Satan, they open doors for demonic harassment.


Not harassment of Christians.


Christians are not immune from demonic harassment. The Church still performs exorcisms on Christians today.


I didn’t say that.

I said that Wiccans have no power to cause demonic harrassment of Christians.


Read the books of Fr. Gabriel Amorth and Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea. Both exorcists describe cases in which Christians have become oppressed or possessed as a result of curses or spells placed by those practicing witchcraft. Msgr. Leon Cristiani also describes this in his book, Evidence of Satan in the Modern World. While the spells and curses themselves have no power, the witches are calling on demons to do their bidding. Often the demons comply, giving the illusion that the spell or curse has power.

Generally a person in the state of grace wouldn’t be as susceptible to a curse as someone in mortal sin or even a lukewarm Christian.


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