Something nice your spouse has recently done for you


*Thought it might be nice to post some positive things our spouses have done for us lately, that made your day. I am home sick today, (flu like symptoms, my son has had the flu). Feeling better, I was going to head downstairs to make some homemade chicken soup. But, my hubby beat me to it. :love: (today, is his day off from work)

I just told him how awesome that was to do! :o His version has dumplings floating on top. Yum.

Tag, you’re it…share something nice your spouse did for you, recently.*


I had a terrible headache yesterday, and my dh took over the dinner dishes and homework help with the kids so that I could go to bed early. It was just what I needed! :slight_smile:


Went away for a month - bliss:)


I’m a writer, and I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year.

Knowing how important writing is to me, DH has started taking Bean into the other room for a couple of hours before bed so I can write without any distractions! (A lot of times when I go in after writing, I find the two of them cuddled up asleep together. So cute!)


awww, great idea for a thread!!:thumbsup:

I have been laid up with a shoulder injury the last couple days. My husband has been staying off his computer in the back room to come out and play games next to me on the couch so we can be together. He has also been cleaning up the house, making meals, AND helping me with small things while still working a 40+ hour week. What a saint!!


It’s the little things that can put a smile on our faces, no? How thoughtful your hubbies are to you all. Thanks for sharing! :heart:


No problem! With all the threads people post asking for advice when things get rocky (myself included:o) It’s good to have these every once in while for encouragement!


Yes, I thought so, Whitacre Girl. I think we all go through rocky patches. I know my marriage has had some low points, and it’s in these everyday pleasant surprises that we realize how we shouldn’t take those who we’re married to for granted. By the way, the chicken soup was YUM. :stuck_out_tongue:


NPalmby: Hey, another NaNoWriMo participant! How many words do you have? :wink:

My husband is a sweetie; when I was gone at church on Sunday, he cleaned the kitchen for me. He even used lysol! :love:


*Oh he’s a keeper…ask him to come and do mine, if he has any extra energy this weekend. :smiley:

I must admit, I’m sometimes surprised when I read threads on here about husbands who have to be asked over and over to pitch in. My dh lived on his own a while before meeting me, and so he knows how to cook, clean, do laundry. And he doesn’t expect a medal for it, BUT…I SO appreciate these things he does, I have learned how to be a better housekeeper and cook because of him, actually. :blush: *


This site looks really cool! Thanks for sharing, I have never heard of this until now. I used to freelance write, but now have no time for it. :frowning: I used to write weekly book reviews for a local pub in Pittsburgh. Wasn’t paid much, but it was always my true love. I think it’s wonderful, really wonderful, that your husband supports you so much in this. :o


'Kay. We’ll let the hubbies clean while we go out to the movies. ;):smiley:

Actually, same here. I couldn’t cook hardly anything except for boxed brownies or cake mixes. :blush: (Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I wasn’t the best cook out there.) When we finally married, he’d come home from work too tired to cook, so he asked my mom for some of her cookbooks and basically handed them to me. After a few evenings of burnt gravy and raw chicken, I was finally able to present an edible meal! :rotfl:

I take care of most of the cooking and cleaning now, but I do heart him so when he surprises me with a meal or clean home.


*LOL, aw. Hey, but you learned. I bet you are a great cook now, no? I have really become a lot better, I can honestly say, I’m a pretty good cook…not chef level, but good. I will say though that to me, dinner time is more about coming together as a family, at one table, to share the meal and chat about the day’s events. The meal can be simple to do that…perhaps, when I was first married, I thought my husband would have all these expectations, but a simple well thought out meal, that’s healthy, does the trick.

A funny thing I did during the first year of my marriage, was I’d throw plates out (not paper ones! lol) into the trash, when we were done eating. haha My husband would often shower right after dinner, and he never saw me do this…he wondered how the kitchen got so clean, so quick. lol I had no idea how to wash dishes, how sad is that? :eek: Then, he went to empty the garbage, and he was like…what in the world…(it was really heavy) He looked through and started pulling out dishes. He looked at me, couldn’t help but laugh, and said…um, we have a dishwasher, you know. lol :rotfl: He really has the patience of a saint. I was a mess back then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s to gaining experience as married women, Harmony! :)*


good stuff!:thumbsup:


Here, here! :thumbsup:


About 6,000!! You?


My wife offered to watch all 4 boys last night so I could go to Virtus traning… regrettably work called about 20 minutes in and I had to leave and go back to the office but the thought was great because I’ve been trying to find time to go for a while.



The greatest thing my wife has recently done is she has decided to look at my sacrifices for my family, and all that I do stead of all the things I never get to. When I now come home from a hard 12 hour work day she greets me with a smile, hug, and a kiss. I see a twinkle in her eye like I saw 12 years ago when we where still dating. God bless her.

*just a note she has always been an amazing supporting wife. This is just the fruit on tome of the cheesecake.


Do you have an on call type of job, Joe? That was very thoughtful of your wife. :o


Did you have to keep buying dishes?

My DH did the laundry, carried it upstairs and laid out my nightgown on the bed for me yesterday. Sweet!


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