Something that will change your view on sex


Before Pope John Paul II became Pope, he wrote a series of documents called the “Theology of the Body.” For the past few years, Christopher West has been preaching this message through seminars, CDs and books. All he says is based on the Pope’s teaching and I was given a CD of his by a priest. He actually has a speech airing every week on EWTN.

Anyway he goes into DETAIL about how to live out our sexually the way we were created to and I promise that if you give this teaching of John Paul II a chance, it WILL change you view on sex and thus, your life. His website is which has his free articles, books/cds or go to and search theology. There should be a few of his books there explaining the theology.

Hearing this theology of the body is great for both men and women and all ages, single or married. One thing it isn’t is a list of do’s and don’ts but it will untwists the sexual lie that our culture has created.

Hope you give it a chance!


Since we are now well into the 21st century, I doubt if you can change the majority opinion that masturbation is perfectly OK, and that there is nothing wrong with sex between any two consenting adults. :dts:


that’s a little pessimistic for such a great thread…

i’ve seen people change that nobody would ever expect to change because of theology of the body…including me. no offense…but Pope John Paul the Great could possibly be named a doctor of the church for his teaching on theology of the body.

not to mention that the OP said nothing about changing the majority opinion…just individuals that would give the teaching a chance to untwist what the culture of death has twisted in them.
the path is narrow…

i almost posted this very same thread because of how it changed my life, along with my brother’s, my fiance’s, my parent’s, and my friends’ lives…and the example that it gives my younger cousins and brother.


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