Something that's been nagging at me


What is the difference between absolutism and extremism?

Because I can tell you I have noticed both seem to foster the idea that “I am a devout and unwavering follower of the one true faith, therefore I have the right to treat others however I please.”


Absolutism has nothing to do with having the right to treat others as you please.

Of course, people will complain that you treat them badly because you refuse to concede that you might be wrong, that they might be right, that their own view may be right “for them” and so on. However, that has nothing to do with treating them with kindness or without it. If they want to call it treating them without kindness, then that is their problem. I’ve been called various names for refusing to put things in the grey and make a tentative concession, no matter the manner of discussion. However, generally, good manner of discussion helps handle many, many disagreements.


I suppose absolutism would be the conviction that there can only be one truth. Extremism would be the absolutism plus a big o dose of pride, arrogance, self-righteousness. The first can be presented with charity…the latter not so much.


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