Something to consider come election time.

 You notice that America (not the only one, but the most powerful one), as great as it is, usually in spite of most the politicians, is not in end times prophesies.  Where is it?  We may have been a temporary patch for conservatism to flourish as best as possible outside of the Catholic nations that turned their backs on him around the US;s founding.  Maybe this document may have something to say about why.  God doesn't have to keep us around.  If not for a majority of California's citizens, not OKing gay marriage (though, ironically voting for Obama), we may be on a faster track to oblivion.  Hopefully, a popular election will follow in other states that OKed gay marriage recently.  If we don't elect leaders who put Christ's values, those only the Catholic Church knows in full (as Christ's bride) at the top, this next election and the one in 2012, God may pick a new light shining on a hill for all.     
 War is hell and so is poverty, but some war is necessary and Jesus said there'll always be the poor, but those we helped put into the highest positions in the land just kicks Christ right in one tender area or another.  
 Only the Church can do it right, but unfortunately, the post Vatican 2 popes hadn't done their jobs [getting rid of the liberation theologists like what was done to the Lefebvists and those involved in women's ordinations (the high profile stuff)] as shepherds and so we had clergy priming most of us by commission or omission to vote for Obama.  As courageous as bishops have been in the culture of life stuff and as cool as they've been about welcoming in the good traditionalists, the heart of the solution lies in regaining our purpose in the world: bringing about the right order (not having to be militaristic, but as evangelical as the Mormons and JVs) in the world as only the Church was meant to do.  We have gotten so ecumenical, we forgot our place, as Catholics, in the world.  The Mormons, Fundies and JVs are doing what we ought to be doing: competing with The World for souls.  Quas Primas was and is the answer for world peace; not singing "kumbayah" with the Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, etc. at Asissi.  They've gone bye bye with the Gnosticism and/or zeitgeist.  Catholic royalty had been fallen creatures and make mistakes as political leaders, but the alternative is the world running it.  Under the Protestants and catholics who wanted to be accepted by them, America has let The World run it under liberal administrations.  Mormons, like that candidate, and evangelicals get close, but they're crippled by allowing divorce and remarriage and contraception (which is why the Church needs to wake up and rule).  It's up to our Church as it's the true light on a hill for all.  It probably will take the laity to do this, unfortunately.
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