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Just wanted to offer something up.
I have worked many jobs in my life. I have no college education, was born in a lower-middle class family and will never be a rich man. My parents were a true blessing to me, very strong believers in thier Catholic faith and I never grew up lacking anything that I needed. I learned to cope with some jobs I held by writing poetry about situations I lived through. Now that I am much older, I wanted to share a poem with you all, something I wrote as a young man. It is a poem about social status, humility and finding happiness wherever or however you live.

From tiny saplings these forests grew, ever changing, ever new
Reaching the sky with neverending height,
would that I could, would that I might -
Only reach that height once again
Where young dreams blossomed, and new growth did begin.
But I was not patient, for change was slow
Under shade of their limbs, I could not grow
To the height of the others, who, once- like me,
Were tiny saplings under shade of trees
But I am not unhappy, for my world is here
Among the flowers and meadowgrass, which I hold so dear
Though we do not soar as high as some,
This picture of life would not be done
Without the beauty that grows beneath the trees,
That reach out forever in the neverending breeze.


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poetry! :smiley:

God Bless!


God bless you for the beauty and wisdom of your spirit!

I know what you mean in your beautiful poem, which you had the insight to write in your youth.

I have regarded myself as a weed-flower but perhaps in God’s heart I may be one of the ‘bruised violets’ that Father John suggested in his e-mail in October 2001? The little flowers, hidden close to the ground amid their leaves, have a delicate fragrance.

“For Trishie” (he wrote) “All the animals of the forest stood back in awe as the elephant passed by. They marvelled at his power and his glory because it seemed to them every time he passed by, the jungle held a scent that spoke of heavenly things. It was the lowly earthworm and not even a man that knew the secret of the elephant’s passing, for it was the worm alone, who understood that the heavenly perfume came not from the elephant himself, but from the little crushed violets who blessed his feet as he passed by.

Lord of the forest
Full of power and glory
Be mindful of the violets
That bless your feet as you pass by!”
(John C…O.F.M. Cap”


You are far richer than most. I see so many folks who are never satisfied with what they have or who they are, and I see so many more who envy the position and power of every one else.

One of the nicest folks I’ve ever met was poor like you, working menial jobs or odd jobs, dish washer, truck driver. But he had a boat load of friends, and he was happy and content with himself. I consider him richer than most.

Many times wealth, power, or position are more curse than blessing.


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