Something to think about

I saw this on youtube and it bears looking at. We all need to take our faith seriously. Just think how different this world would be if we all started expressing our faith more openly:
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Note: The video is NOT intending to mock religion, just get the lukewarm types out there to open their minds and realize they need to share their faith and act on it if they’re going to change the world.

I agree. There are so many non-believers in my life and family that I find myself suppressing the expression of my beliefs in order to ‘get along’ with everyone. In the end, I feel as though I’ve misrepresented myself and betrayed the Lord.

Forgive me but have you read the comments? Not to sound pessimistic but as far as YouTube goes, atheists practically own the place (and probably every public forum/site on the Net as far as I’ve observed). It’s been that way ever since the Retarded Reasoning Squad promoted the Bighead Challenge. I’ve skimmed through many debates both in video and in the comments boxes and I just can’t see any way to get to them, especially with their numbers and their hardheadedness.

What I find ironic though is how at one time they claim they are being ‘oppressed’ yet there they are in their little cyber-corner gathering by the hundreds. They don’t notice that every single video towards atheism is given more stars than those that are against. They don’t realize how many they are compared to the (what they deem) the ‘insignificant and ignorant theist’. They don’t realize that old farts like Pat Condell and George Carnir have more support compared to religious folks.

Sorry for the rant folks but as far as I’ve witnessed on YouTube… we need a miracle.

Or at least… something big to change the minds of these people.


If it’s any help though, I noticed that the one thing that could spark and fuel an atheist’s resolve is to be exposed to one thing that turns people off from religion: Fanaticism. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a lot atheists say how glad they are to reject religion upon seeing some street preacher rant his hellfire-and-brimstone preaching tripe. Perhaps we should start cleaning out people like that.

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