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Can someone help me with this type of thing? Sometimes, I notice that my Catholic journey gets tougher just before Easter comes. Big and brutal trials come my way. I have had to work hard at avoiding problems at Easter time. However, like always, trials come my way, but these ones at Easter time are brutal. I can cope with them rationally. However, I need to understand why these trials feel so big. Is this common among Catholics to feel more religious passion at Easter time, that is during Advent and with the passion, feel trials being more intense than usual? I know the Christ’s life at that time. When we become deeper in our faith, is it normal to feel Christ’s path the way he did? We follow the Christ and will necessarily feel persecutions. However, again, is it common among Catholics to undergo tougher trials at Advent time, than the feeling of restoration or relief after Jesus’ ressurection? Is my sufferance at Advent time normal for a believer?



I think it is very common to feel this way, that is why we have Lent, the Church in her wisdom expects that trials from the deceiver would escalate at this time, beginning from the time when this was the final preparation for the catechumens, and the prayer and fasting are still the best means to fight the good fight. Good Friday is and has been from my childhood, the worst day of the year for me spiritually and in every other way, I simply cannot get through it any more unless I isolate myself in silence. I have to force myself to go to the church service, sometimes I just can’t, and find I fast more strictly each year.


Templum, if I don’t choose a genuine preparation and penance for these seasons, I have noticed God does it for me, without fail, and I can’t say I like what He chooses! It determined me to make sure I took care of that aspect of things pro-actively.


I’ve always had a hard time with suffering and trials (“offer it up”). It’s hard to think of Jesus’ suffering when I’m suffering. But recently it occured to me - Jesus is outside of time, and knew of the suffering I would have before he was born on this earth. Maybe, just maybe, instead of me trying to suffer like Jesus, it was Jesus who was trying to suffer like me, to feel what I would be feeling, 2000 years in the future. Kinda puts a different perspective on it.

God bless, Tim


The tougher the trials, the more God trusts us. The lover trusts his beloved, and the beloved should trust his lover. The more trials we face, the more we are prepared for the final trial at the hour of death, too.


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