Something Very Lovely Happened at Mass Today


Something very lovely happened at mass. After mass had ended, the priest paused to read out a few parish-wide announcements. When he announced that one of the altar boys was headed to seminary in Rome, the entire congregation started clapping and cheering. It was an encouraging sight to behold. :slight_smile:

Has anything similar happened at any of your parishes?


Oh yes. Just recently a man from our parish was ordained for the Diocese, and even more recently one was ordained a Jesuit. We also have one in the seminary. The one who is a Jesuit said Mass here and many people switched their regular Mass time to attend his and give him encouragement. It’s very heartening to hear this.


Yes, we’ve had a number of our Altar boys go on to St. Joseph’s Seminary.


That’s great!

A bittersweet one here, our parish priest is leaving to go teach seminarians. So while that is amazing for them and a great experience for him, it’s a little sad for us as we’ll miss him. But mostly I think it will produce wonderful future priests which has got to be great news and overshadow our loss.


That’s quite simply awesome!


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