Something we can learn from Michael Newdow (sp?)--now hear this out


which is something we could learn from Margaret Sanger–now hear me out.

As the former is storming the national government and as the latter stormed states, both in order to bring about Satan’s conspiracies of hate against us, how are we doing storming heaven by constantly knocking on heaven’s door (preferably through Mary, humanity’s best advocate and intercessor on our behalf) to have God reverse these trends by means of prayers for others to have strength, faith, confessions, communion receptions, masses, penances, devotions, acts of reparation and petition, etc.? I know I’m seriously lagging and I’m not being modest about that. We need to get on the ball here or we’ll likely have more things to pray and sacrifice for and more deluded souls will fall into hell. How many typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, 9/11s, tsunamis and mudslides do we need?
Sanger may have had her advocates and Michael Dewdow probably has far better resources in his evil pursuits (whether he understands his actions or, like Roe, doesn’t), but we have the best advocates (the saints) on our side! Next to Jesus, whose jealousy, as God, is shown in this earthly life in the gentle form of Divine Mercy, we have the best of the best of all not a person of God, Mary! Isn’t that cool! We don’t have to write formal letters or buy books for writing formal letters (or any other materials needed to get any business done with people here) in communicating with her!

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