Something worth sharing


With all the anti-catholic literature out there, I thought this was a webcomic that puts catholics in a POSITIVE light for once, that was worth sharing! :slight_smile:


Cute :slight_smile:


I checked more of this guy’s other comics. He’s pretty funny! Where’d you find this guy? :slight_smile:


Hahaha. On another forum that I used to be a member of one of the people there used that comic strip as their signature. It stretched out the screen a bit, but I got a kick out of it every time. Good stuff.


One of my friends linked me to this comic because he knew I was catholic. Good stuff!


I have another Catholic webcomic for you. . . My sister and I are working on it as an educational resource.

Saints and Angels

We feature the lives of the saints and separate, original stories displaying different aspects of Catholic theology (beginning with the nine choirs of angels). We take turns contributing - she’s in the process of posting about Bernadette right now, and when she finishes that story I will start posting one about Guardian angels. We update every Tuesday and Thursday.

We also have a lighthearted comic which you can find on our site called “On the Grapevine.” This one updates every Saturday. It features one page depictions of lighthearted stories from the lives of the saints. I’ll post that link here, too, so you don’t have to click around.

On the Grapevine



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