Sometimes I want to be Jewish

I have a hard time admitting this, but sometimes I wish I was Jewish… but I still want to be Catholic. I know it is confusing (it is even to me), but I wonder what I am missing in my Catholic faith that I think I will fulfill in Judaism.

I have been trying to make my Catholic Faith much more holy, but I get strange around times that are Jewish Holidays and on Friday into Saturday night like I should be celebrating Sabbath). I have gone to a synagogue and have studied books. I am harpy learning about the link between our Jewish roots. I just don’t know. I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way and don’t know how to stop the feelings: shrug: :frowning:

Well there is no Jesus Christ in Judaism.

And like one of our Jewish poster’s here pointed out very clearly to me about a year or so ago is that

Judaism is not Christianity without Christ.
Thought Christianity comes from Jewish roots, it is not the same.

What you have instead is a faith that fulfills Judaism. And, if it will make you happy, you have been grafted onto the tree of God’s chosen people by being Christian. We are what Judaism was suppose to be once the Messiah came.

I discovered that my wanting to be Jewish came from Native ancestry + Mormon influence. It was that way for Mom, too.

But people with Native ancestry can clearly identify with the Jewish experience.

The biggest cure for that is reading the Jesuit Relations. :thumbsup:

Dear Patty,

I suspect that part of what you are experiencing is a rightful desire for religious identity and a sense of the sacred, for that profound sense of awe and mystery with which most of Western Christendom has lost touch, due in large part to the influence of Modernism. Every age has its evils and trials, and this is one of the principal evils we face today.

You may find what you are looking for at a parish which follows traditional Christian spirituality and customs, such as one which uses the extraordinary form of the Mass, or a Byzantine parish to give two examples. Just make sure it’s in communion with the pope.




I am a Ukrainian Catholic and I find that the richness of the Eastern Rite suits me better that an RC church. You may find that as well.

Read Romans 11. You have been grafted into the Jewish vine. We wait their grafting back in, which will occur in time according to God’s plan.

You should look into your ancestry. Maybe your mother’s mother was Jewish and your Jewish soul is calling you. In which case you are already Jewish.

I know how you feel. Just the liturgy of Judaism and the way they do things look so ancient. And besides all that, Catholicism started out as a Jewish sect. Then it became it’s own religion we now know today as Christianity. But know this, Catholicism is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith. Technically, we’re the real Jews. I don’t think there is anything wrong with expressing our Jewish roots either. There are some Catholics who celebrate Passover, and Rosh-Hossanah. There are even some Catholics who keep kosher. The Church has nothing to say about members expressing some of our Jewish roots. Overall, be happy you’re in the Church that has the fulness of the truth.

God bless! :slight_smile:

I have one of my sisters who converted to Judaism. Well, when she married, her married name was German but sounded Jewish. People she didn’t even know, or had just met, suddenly began taking her under their wing, saying, “We Jews need to stick together”, and she loved that to the point she converted.

As to the roots, what about the roots of Catholicism? If you like the history of it, had you ever tried going to a Latin mass?

Judaism is also very rich and beautiful! :slight_smile: Such beautiful history and traditions.

The Catholic Faith is the Jewish faith fulfilled by Jesus Christ. You have the FULLNESS of the Faith in the Catholic Church. The seven Sacraments and all the Devotions that help to bring us closer to Our Lord and His Holy Mother. What else could you want? Learn more about your Catholic faith, read the Early Church Fathers and about the early Martyrs that died for the Faith Jesus taught. Maybe you should talk to a priest. God Bless, Memaw

Hi PattyPryor.
Im finding myself drawn to the Orthodox Church and I have been admiring them for a while, but Im well aware that its just “feelings” and that I will never seriously consider leaving the Catholic Church (unless unforeseen circumstances should suddenly apply).

I’ve always admired the Jews and their faith, but I couldn’t ever imagine a life without Christ so leaving Christianity as a whole would be unthinkable for me.

I will recommend for you to speak with your priest about this:)
Let him in on your concerns.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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The comedian Mike Birbiglia has a bit where he talks about wanting to be Jewish.

I know this bit isn’t really that useful to this discussion, but it is funny.

I don’t know if one can find today, such a Jewish Zealot as Saul of Tarsus a learned Pharisee Jew of the Mosaic Law who learned directly from a great respected well known teacher of his day, Gamileo.(spelling here is questionable?)

Saul as you know now Paul, took an act of God for Saul to see the true light in Jesus Christ, of whom he persecuted. Saul did not convert, Saul became Paul who became a Christian which fulfilled all that Paul was fighting for. You know the rest of the Story.

Paul kept to his Jewish roots, but considered them fulfilled in Jesus Christ. In other words, Paul’s Jewish liturgy of the Word or Law and Passover liturgy only mirrored the Catholic Mass. It is Paul who teaches that circumcision is nothing, baptism in Jesus Christ is everything.

In fact I have read of Jews who have converted to Catholicism, can hardly see a difference between our liturgies because they practice their liturgy of the Word and Passover, that looks exactly like our Mass liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. Except we have the Lamb of God, while they maintain a lamb animal. Something to ponder here in the mysteries of God.

Peace be with you

Well there is no Jesus Christ in Judaism.

Messianic Jews believe in Christ, as do Hebrew Catholics. Hebrew Catholics are in communion with Rome, and are allowed to practice certain Jewish practices without being in error with the Church.

Jesus’ earliest followers were all Jewish. Christ Himself was Jewish, as was Mary, Joseph, Peter, Paul, etc.

From time to time, you do hear about Jewish converts that have converted to the Church. Edith Stein was one, and there are many others.

I have been trying to make my Catholic Faith much more holy, but I get strange around times that are Jewish Holidays and on Friday into Saturday night like I should be celebrating Sabbath). I have gone to a synagogue and have studied books. I am harpy learning about the link between our Jewish roots. I just don’t know. I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way and don’t know how to stop the feelings: shrug

I can relate. Some Jews talk about how some non-Jews have “Jewish souls”, and are drawn to Judaism naturally.

Don’t they say that at “Patriachal blessings” that most Mormons are told that they all or pretty much all come from the same Jewish tribe?

Interesting factoid. Mormons call non-Mormons ‘gentiles’ even the Jewish people!

I actually wrote the Hebrew Catholic organization asking them why I could feel so connected. They told me to research my ancestry or even a blood line. I don’t know if I could find that out. My mom’s side is 100% German and my Dad’s is German and Polish. My grandma said the Polish side came from Prussia. My belief is my Mother’s side is Catholic for hundreds of years (I don’t now how one can find that out) My grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side are a mix of Catholic and Protestant.

I would love to research my ancestry, but my Father’s side has been believed to have changed their last name when coming to America. My name is not PattyPryor BTW it was a Catholic character on the show American Dreams

I will say one thing I find all the prep for Holy days and Sabbath interesting, but there are so many rules to follow. For example I was reading about what to do to prepare for Rosh Hashanah and I felt overwhelmed. There are rules to follow if you are close to Sabbath.

Do we as Catholics have so many rules? Perhaps I am Catholic since Birth (baptized 2 weeks after birth) that I just don’t notice it anymore or perhaps we are not as strict (might not be the right word). I don’t really know how to explain it.

No. Christ Himself did away with much of that, and even verbally reprimanded the Jewish leadership of the time for the burden that they placed on the people.

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