Sometimes ya just gotta laugh


My mil lives with us. Her memory has slipped and she really can’t be by herself even though she functions at a high level still. We see that she eats, oversee her medications and generally look out for her, but she takes care of her bodily needs and keeps her room tidy etc.

When she came to live with us we started getting her to a doctor regularly and get back on needed medicaton that she had been neglecting. Apparently, she had had a chronic bowel issue, and according to her, nothing has ever worked and its just something she has learned to live with over the years. So the doctor put her a couple things, the first she said never worked, but the second…welll.

First it was, "This is good I don’t mind taking this"
Then, "I don’t mind taking this but it isn’t working"
Finally, "Why do I have to take this every day when it isn’t doing any good?"
There is no way on earth we could ever know if she’s gone or not other than to stand at her door and try to do a sniff test. (sorry) So we have no idea if it is working or not. But my dh got worn down trying to give this to her every day so when the bottle was empty he decided it was a battle he didn’t want to fight, so didn’t renew it.

Then it was doctor check in time. Doctor asked how was medicine working. dh tells dr how he didn’t renew the stuff. Mil pipes up. “Oh, it worked well.” Dh is beside himself incredulous. Says, that not what you told me every day.
MIL: Oh, you must have misunderstood me. :banghead:

So the medicine got renewed and she has been getting it every day. I haven’t really been paying attention, but it seems like a couple times over the last week or so she has been accidentally spilling it. I hear her apologizing, and dh saying its no big deal. Today dh wasn’t home so I had to give her her morning meds. Spills the liquid. “Oh, don’t bother filling it again, it doesn’t work anyway.”

Me, I can’t let that go. "That’s not what you told the doctor. You told him it works"
Her: I did’t say that.
So I’m thinking the spillage isn’t all that accidental. I think she’s trying to get out of taking it. I filled the cup back up and stood there while she took it.

I tried to tell dh when he got home, but he didn’t see the humor in it. All it did was raise his blood pressure a few points. I on the other hand thought it was hilarious.


I share your take on the humor. I work in an organization that provides social services for the elderly, take care of an elderly person myself and take another one to grocery shop once a week. I have bald spots from pulling my hair out, but if I can see the humor it really helps.

One of them truly believes that the prohibition against green leafy vegetables when taking coumadin is because you can’t chew them enough and the pieces get stuck in your arteries. Nothing anyone says convinces him otherwise.

Another is bigoted against everyone but WASPs. The other night he made the statement that the Greeks never amounted to anything. Hmm. Western civilization, philosophy, mathematics and the Olympics don’t count, I guess… :rotfl:


Well, at least you can see the humor in the situation…:slight_smile:

It sure can be difficult caring for elderly parents. My mother and her siblings are dealing with similar issues with my grandmother (though she still lives on her own)…all after dealing with my grandfather’s Alzheimer’s before he died last year. :frowning: My grandmother has been diagnosed with the beginnings of Alzheimer’s as well – awful news for our family after already going through it once.

It certainly is an act of mercy to care for sick and/or aging parents. Offering a prayer for you and your DH as you show your love for your MIL through your actions.


Humor is a wonderful gift that turns sour grapes into fine wine.


Hi Arlene :wave: I’m glad that you can find the humor, too. It’s important both for you and your husband… and your MIL. Always try to keep a smile on your face, though it will sometimes be the LAST thing you want to do.

You don’t mention if your MIL is suffering from Alzheimer’s, but your description sure did ring a bell with me. Reminded me very much of my mom’s “behavior”. My sweet mother is 87, and she is in mid-stage Alzheimer’s. I’m her sole caregiver.

Regardless of whether your MIL has Alzheimer’s, or not… you and your husband are still her caregivers; and so, I would like to extend an invitation to you… to join our “Catholic Caregivers” group at this link…

I’m hoping to get more members, who are willing to offer their experiences as you have, so that we can form a network of support and helpful links; this along with prayer, of course. We’d love to have you!

God bless :slight_smile:


Very lovely that you can see the humor in the situation. I am caregiver for my mother although she still lives on her own. But for this month she has her sister visiting. Dear aunt is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s and conversations with her are very circular–have to see the humor or you’ll just get mad and upset everyone. My grandmother lived with us for years when I was young and I can just see her doing something like the ‘accidental’ spilling. Not wanting to take the nasty medicine, but not willing to stand up to her son (my dad) about it! lol

Blessings to you for taking such good care of your mil. I will be praying for you all.

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