Somewhat disappointed with Theology on Tap


I recently went to my first Theology on Tap, and I must say that I’m somewhat disappointed. The people there were all very nice, and I got to meet fellow Catholics; however, that’s more than I can say about the orthodoxy of the message being delivered. Granted that I live in a very liberal state, I think abortion should be a very black-and-white issue. I couldn’t believe that there were people there who were OK with it, in the sense that they support Obama’s healthcare plan knowing that there’s a pro-abortion provision in there. There were also other issues that were questionable. I have talked to other people who have been to Theology on Tap events before, and they weren’t very thrilled with it, either, and I don’t blame them. Maybe it’s the alcohol or something, but it seems that sometimes Catholic teachings arent always upheld at these events.

What do you think?


in vino veritas? :smiley:

I don’t really know anything about it, but what you said doesn’t sound good. But I’ll see what others say tomorrow. God bless.


I’ve never been to a Theology On Tap event. I’ve heard that they are usually for the younger folks, of which I am no longer one. :smiley:

I’m sorry to hear that there were supposed Catholics there that were “OK” with abortion. Obvisouly, I would suggest that perhaps you become involved in other social groups within the Church and avoid that particular one. If you’re male, I would HIGHLY recommend Knights of Columbus. :thumbsup:


do you mean you are unhappy with something about the set-up and arrangement of the sessions, about the priest and the rest of those who are running it, about those who make the presentatons and answer questions, or about the participants who have views differing from your own, or apparently differing from Church teaching?

I am unhappy about my parish. But my unhappiness comes from those members of my parish who do not follow Church teaching in their lives and therefore are not leading their own children in the right direction. But if I just tell you “I am unhappy about my parish because of the dissent and disobedience” you would think I am talking about the priest and pastoral staff, which I am not.

Please be specific.

If there is something wrong in the presenters and presentations, speak up.
If there is something wrong about the response of the participants, speak up. Defend you faith. Ask for the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit before you speak. If you quit the group because some members are less well informed and obedient than yourself, what happens–one less good Catholic in the group.


Just wanted to say that I went to another Theology on Tap before the holidays, and I found it to be better than the last one. The ambience was better, and the speaker was pretty awesome!


Any group is as good as it's presenters or organizers.


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