Son: Dad lured me home, then shot family

Son: Dad lured me home, then shot family
Mom, older brother were shot dead; Va. police say dad then killed himself

AXTON, Va. - A college student played dead to escape a family shooting by his father, who killed the other son and their mother before setting their house on fire and taking his own life, investigators said Monday.

Authorities said the father, retired tire factory employee William Ronald Carter, shot his wife, Bonnie, 56, and their 29-year-old son William Ronald Carter Jr. He later shot Timothy Carter, 22, in the back and then again after the son begged for mercy, but only wounded him, Henry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Curtis Spence said. Spence said the father killed himself before authorities arrived at the burning home early Sunday.

Timothy Carter remained in fair condition Monday at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., according to a hospital spokeswoman.
Spence said Timothy Carter told investigators his 56-year-old father called him at Radford University, about 90 miles away, and said his mother needed to speak to him. When he arrived home in the rural community of Axton, his father said his brother was sick and was downstairs in the basement of the brick ranch-style house.

As Timothy Carter walked downstairs his father shot him in the back, Spence said.

“Timothy turned and begged for his life,” Spence said, “and his father shot him again.”


Akers said she had known the Carters for more than 20 years and had never seen signs of trouble in the family.

“They were good family people, good Christian people,” she said.

YEAH RIGHT!!! :mad::mad:

They may have been… who knows why the father decided to kill his entire family, going so far as to lure his son away from college?

Mental illness? Drug addiction/alcoholism? Demonic possession?

Whatever the reason, it is a terribly tragedy, and one more family to pray for. I don’t know if the shooters parents are still alive, but if so this will be very hard on them.

Don’t be so judgemental, it should be obvious that the man had a mental breakdown. Instead of showing mad smiling faces one should be feeling bewilderment with empathy for the surviving son.

Forced retirement and buy outs can be just as hard as being laid off or fired. A man that worked at the same place for 35 years, where he felt secured and taken care off, to all of a sudden loss such a job, most likely didn’t develop the coping mechanism one would need to get back on his feet, go out look for work or get back out into the work force in times such as these.

Mercy should be prayed for him and his family.

The survinig son needs our prays, not comdemnation of his father… the son will be dealing with that for years to come… he will probably go through years of wishing his father would of have been successful in killing him also,

… May God have mercy for all…:signofcross:

That is just wrong to trick his son who was just minding his own business at the university into going home just so he could shoot him!

He should’ve just left him alone. The poor guy!!

Either way the guy loses. He is a victim if he is shot, shot and killed or left alone.

This I know, being the survivor of others’ commiting suicide. This is somthing he will live with everyday of his life, even if he was not tricked into going home.

Pray he gets the best help available, that is God’s help to deal with this, for forgiveness will come hard, but it is forgiveness that will eventually give him peace. But it will not come easy, but will come only with trust in God and time…

One of those stories that makes me wonder if I should watch the news or not. Just terrible.

Jesus bring peace to these souls. Mary, shelter their relatives and friends with your mantle. . .

Lord be there for this Father as only you know how.

You know, I think I recall this same scenario from an episode of CSI:Miami. I didn’t think it would actually happen in real life.

*What I find interesting for lack of a better word in cases like this, is when neighbors or friends say…‘they seemed so nice and like they were happy.’ Unless you live with someone 24/7, you have no clue what he/she is capable of, what demons they are dealing with, what is going on in the home, etc. Obviously, something was gravely wrong, and the dad snapped. Maybe he had depression issues, maybe the mom was leaving him…who knows. But, to say a family seems happy, obviously that wasn’t the case here. Just soooo soooo sad that he did this…I can’t imagine what was happening there, and none of us can judge. I pray for his soul, his family’s and for the son that remains alive.

Terrible story. :(*

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