Son-in-law's constant headaches


Please pray for my sweet soon-in-law, who has been suffering from daily, painful headaches (not migraine-like, but on both sides of the back of his head, mainly) for several months now. He had to take a leave of absence from work (he and dd are working in a literacy program this year before grad school.) He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which is now under control with meds, but still has the headaches. An MRI was normal. Pain relievers do little or nothing. They are now testing for Lyme disease.

Please pray that his doctors find the cause so they can recommend treatment.


Jesus please help this man to be healed of his constant headaches. Please have compassion on him.


Praying for your Son in Law…


Praying for your son-in-law


Dear Lord,

As you found your faithful and healed them on earth from leprosy, blindness, speechlessness, convulsions, demons, hemorrhages, and every kind of discomfort - please send your healing spirit to this man and comfort him in accordance with your will. Please also bless and strengthen his family as they care for him. We ask this in Your Holy Name and we give glory and praise to You always.



Your son- in-law will be in my prayers.
may he received dood diagnosis and good treatement.




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