Son-in-law's health


Please remember my new son-in-law in your prayers. He and dd are serving for the year in an AmeriCorps literacy program in an Hispanic community near Denver. He has been sick with one respiratory infection after another (as has dd, as well) as they have been around lots of little ones for the first time. SIL has also been suffering from severe headaches the last 2-3 weeks. The doctor discovered very high blood pressure, for which SIL is now on meds (he’s only 26!.) However, the doctor also ordered an MRI and extensive blood work due to the headache and a few other symptoms. They are awaiting the results now.

Please pray that anything found is minor, and that he can soon get back to work. Also, that my dd’s worry is eased; she is so concerned. Thank you all!


Praying for your son-in-law.


Praying for your Son In Law and Daughter…


Me too. I’ll pray for them and for all your family at Mass this morning. I ask the Lord to keep your family members safe in soul, mind and body. I hope the headaches disappear soon. God grant you all peace.


Praying for the health and well-being of your family.


LORD Jesus
Heal ur Son


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