Son of God and Soon?


In the new movie Son of God, after His Resurrection Jesus tells His disciple that He will “return soon.” It’s now been over 2000 years and He still hasn’t returned. Does this mean Scripture or Jesus was wrong or is this a good example of how our idea of time isn’t at all like God’s concept of time?


God exists outside of time.


The second, I’d say, Chica.



Maybe all of eternity is in the present. Boggles this mind.


I haven’t seen the movie ( and most likely won’t, I think the bible mini-series was terrible) but what Jesus said, must have had a context.

Jesus’s soon, could be in reference to coming in judgment upon Israel, and the fall of the temple in A.D. 70

Who knows :shrug: the movie may have not mirrored sacred scripture.

People take liberties with scripture, to sell Jesus to the masses.

If you could find where the movie Jesus, was quoting from in Scripture, we may be able to give you a more complete answer.

I hope this movie does set a spark, that catches flame, in interest in the things of our Lord!

God bless!


While Jesus says this in Revelation, these words are nowhere on Jesus’ lips in the Gospels themselves.

Besides, if it’s anything like “The Bible” miniseries, I wouldn’t put much stock in it. “The Bible” took too many liberties such that I would not take it as anything but entertainment.

For the real stuff, read the actual Bible.


Perhaps they…misquoted him?



In a certain sense Jesus “returns” to earth at the celebration of every Mass.

The quote that is used they took from St. John’s Revelation and not from the Gospel accounts.

Although many apparently did believe due to some of Jesus’s statements that His Parousia would occur within a generation of His death and they anticipated it greatly.

So much so, during the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans the Jews mocked the Christians during the bombardment of the city(the Hebrew words for “stone” and “son” apparently sounding similar they would shout “the son is coming”; what they didn’t realize was that most if not all the Christians had already abandoned the city before it was surrounded).

It was obviously such a popular belief that even the Jews knew about it.


This was near the end of the movie, after He’d ascended and years later. The movie had Jesus appear to His disciple who’d aged by then and He said those words, which I assume are the words in Revelation.

Since He said that in Revelation and He still hasn’t come, that means…what? The Bible is wrong, Jesus was wrong when He revealed this to St. John or what?

In the Gospels it’s said that “no one knows the hour” of Jesus’ return “not even the son.”




The only time Jesus ever spoke of returning “soon” occurs in the apocalyptic language of the book of Revelation. None of the gospels record Jesus’ use of the Greek word “soon” after his resurrection in connection with his promise to return.

In fact, the use of the term “soon” in the places wherein Revelation uses it in reference to Jesus’ second coming or parousia do not actually mean “soon” in time, such as in the English expression: “Your father will be home soon.” The word can mean “shortly,” “swiftly,” “with haste,” and “imminent.”

At Revelation 22:7, 12, 20, Jesus announces “I am coming soon.” Remember that the language used in this book is largely symbolic. In the same context he calls himself “the Alpha and the Omega,” which no one argues is symbolic language. Jesus is no more two Greek letters than he is a God who has a literal “beginning” and an “end,” as if to say there was a time when God was not and a time when God will cease to exist. The word “soon” apparently is to be read in this same context.–Compare Revelation 22:13.

Since it has been some 2000 years since Jesus promise to return “soon” in Revelation, how are we to understand this term? It obviously means that Jesus’ return is “imminent,” meaning that it can happen at any time, or since this is a prophetic message, the word implies that Christ’s disciples are to live in such a way as if Christ’s return was literally “imminent.”

Being mortal, Christ’s return is more than something that happens at the end of history. It happens for each of us at our death when Christ comes to bring us home to himself. (John 14:1-4) In this sense we have only to expect a relatively short time before this “coming” occurs since we are talking about the span of a human lifetime. That may be more in line to what the “soon” in Revelation means.

Whether or not the producers of the film in question were implying this connection with Revelation or advancing their own theological views can only be answered by the film’s creators.


As Amandil stated, Jesus comes to us in every Mass. He comes really and substantially - the entire substance of Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity comes to us daily in the Mass and Divine Liturgies all over the world.

This is not allegory - it is fact. The Eucharist is Jesus. When the priest says “Behold”, he holds in his hands the crucified and risen Jesus. It is the Lord.



When I say soon to my children they seem to think soon means a few minutes but I meant an hour or more. Sometimes we say see you soon to mean days or a week.


Yes, but Jesus also says this generation shall not pass before he returns, so in that sense, he was wrong.


No he wasn’t wrong!

There is a context to that statement, He used judgment spec hand referred to the fall of the temple!

His “this generation” came to pass in A.D.70

Wrong is the interpretation, not the man, Christ Jesus :thumbsup:

God bless!


I think the movie SON OF GOD was excellent … the movie has made people take a look at God … It is a big hit because in these times people are lost and the movie gives hope who are we to judge the details its God that is important… so I give the movie and there motivation a 10 …may GOD BLESS thanks


Jesus was not wrong, he was speaking of one generation in which it will all happen.


OK, so all the events in revelations must happen within a single 100 year period, so it should be pretty obvious to figure out when these things are going to take place then, I believe everyone is in agreement that the starting point was when Israel was made a nation again.Cant recall what year this was though, I want to say late 1940ish?


No, the generation is typically 40 years, and Christ was referring to an eon, the fall of the temple fulfills the prophesy in A.D. 70

The Isreal 1948/ 1967 is a ethno-centric view held by dispensational futurist!

God bless!


From what Jesus said to St. Faustina, we understand that God is delaying judgment day to give people a chance to repent. Plus, time for God is a different thing from what we understand. It hasn’t even been 2000 years since Jesus died and rose from the dead. It’s been only 1981 years. So be happy that our Lord is so merciful, giving us one second chance after another. And pray for those who still don’t acknowledge him to come to our church and repent. :slight_smile:

Peace be with you.

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