Son of God, the Movie

My wife and myself went to see “Son of God,” the movie produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.

The script lacked in detail and jumped from one miracle to another too quickly. The acting was not so good in different parts and it was very shallow spiritually.

Also, the actor who played Jesus, well yeah good looking, but he looked more akin to a rock singer with a giant ego.

It doesn’t come close to Jesus of Nazareth from a Scriptural interpretation, and can’t touch The Passion, when it comes to spirituality.


Thanks for the review, Jim. I have yet to see it. If you were in the same circumstances, but knowing what you now know, would you go see it?

OT I just realized that I have been here almost 7 years:eek::eek::eek::eek: /OT

No, I would not go see it if I new what it was.

Jesus of Nazareth is far better.

The Passion, can’t be touched by this move.


Thanks, Jim. I have 4 kids. You probably just saved me $60.:eek: I’ll wait until it’s out on video.

Since I don’t go see movies and only see them when they come out on dvd, I’ll not feel so anxious about missing it in the theater.

I’d probably see it agin, but I think it’s the same footage shot for their Bible miniseries. If that’s the case, I’ve already seen it. :slight_smile:

Yes, agree, much was left out, the story moved too quickly in my opinion as well. But, I am glad I saw it, and I was happy to support a movie that brings Jesus to the public, to the theaters, and I give credit to Roma and Mark to have the courage to share Jesus, with the negative Hollywood crowd.

Other movies have been better…but supporting this kind of entertainment is important too, in my personal opinion.


You expressed my views very well.

Wasnt this just an edited version of “The Bible” and Downey and her husband had aired on the HISTORY channel back at the end of 2012?

(Edit~~~Seems my thoughts were right)

I didn’t see The Bible, but am wondering the same thing.

It was a docudrama version. Sounds like for the movie “Son of God”, they used the Christ footage plus some scenes that never made the miniseries…

We used to wait for the VHS/DVD versions of better movies - avoided the absolute garbage (due to sending a message about the content and costs) then realized that it was important to support movies that promoted our values. When Hollywood figures out people will go to the theaters for good movies they will make them. Budgets and profits will improve quality.
So you have to let the movie industry know what gyou will pay to see.

That said I saw this movie with a friend. I thought it was okay if not the best (I thought the Passion was far better) but my friend absolutely loved the film! She liked it better then the Passion …so like all movies it will appeal to some, be okay to others and even be disliked … ditto for things like books, people and food … some like it and some don’t :shrug: …

I would ask your self if you would rather have movies like this or the usual hollywood fare and go or no go based on that criteria …also, its opening weekend that really counts.

This movie could be a blessing. I work with folks who were not brought up in families that believed in God or attended church, or read the bible, they have no clue who the Apostles are, what happened after the birth of Jesus, what miracles He performed, nothing. They know he was crucified but that’s about it. If I work with a few people with this vague bit of knowledge, there must be many out there. If this movie changes even one person to want to know Jesus better, and opens their heart to faith - then it’s a success.

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