Son of Imam Linked to WTC Bombing Was Conducting Weapons Training at New Mexico Compound


Son of Imam Linked to WTC Bombing Kept Children in ‘Filthy’ Compound, Allegedly Trained Them to Shoot Up Schools

John Hayward 8 Aug 2018 Breitbart News

Horrifying details emerged on Wednesday in the case of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the son of an imam linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, who was arrested in New Mexico on charges of keeping 11 starving children in a filthy compound. According to court documents filed by prosecutors, Wahhaj was training the children to carry out school shootings.

Prosecutors asked the judge to hold Wahhaj without bond for felony child abuse. He is also the subject of an extradition warrant from Georgia on charges of kidnapping his own son from the state in December. His son was not among the starving children rescued from the compound. There are fears the remains of an as-yet unidentified child found at the compound could be Wahhaj’s son.

Prosecutors said on Wednesday that Wahhaj and four accomplices possessed an AR-15 rifle and four pistols with ample ammunition and were training the children to commit school shootings. . . .

. . . The 11 living children rescued from the compound, plus the child’s remains that were recovered, would add up to 12 kids. . . .

. . . The local sheriff said the children were clad in rags and “looked like Third World country refugees.” He said their living conditions were the “ugliest looking” and “filthiest” he had ever seen. The property reportedly had no clean water, no hygienic products, and no food except “a few potatoes and a box of rice.”

The sheriff described the occupants of the compound as “heavily armed and considered extremists of the Muslim belief,” although few details about their specific beliefs have been released to the public, beyond the situation Hakima Ramzi described with respect to her son.

On the other hand, a neighbor of the group in New Mexico described them to the local Taos News as “the most kindest people I’ve ever met in my life,” and said he saw no indications the children were being mistreated. . . .


Must keep reminding myself of what Pope Francis said about capital punishment. Must keep reminding myself of …


I hear you… but unless the remains of the 12th child are identified and it is determined that he/she was murdered, there is no capital offense here that warrants that penalty. Now to put him in a hole for life, or the general population with a sign around his neck, “kisses, $1.00”, that’s good enough for me.


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