Song of Solomon?


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Does anyone know what the meaning of the Song of Solomon is?



Well it is a love poem centring on a man and a woman who are very deeply in love with each other in every possible way.

Most commonly the male lover is seen as representing God and the female lover the human soul. It is a statement that God has the same sort of all-consuming passionate love for us that a human lover might, but more so, and that we are to try to develop the same for him.


It is believed that it was written on the occasion of King Solomon taking a new bride--his wooing of her and her place within his affections. That's the plain, literal answer. As LilyM cited, it has spiritual depths, as well. Besides being about God as the beloved and the individual soul as the object of his love, it is about Christ and his Church. The love he has for his Church, which is his Bride. For Jewish believers it is about God's love for his Virgin Bride, Israel. Bible scholars believe we have but a fragment of a longer love poem, a portion of which has been lost in antiquity. Still, what we have has profound in meaning for both Christians and Jews.


Great answers you two! Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


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Great answers you two! Thanks so much. :)




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Hi all

Does anyone know what the meaning of the Song of Solomon is?



Read John 20:11-18 and compare with Song of Solomon 3:1-4...and notice the parallels. Jesus is the Bridegroom and he search for us, his bride, the Church. Mary Magdalene represents all of us, who have repented and turned back to God.

I love reading the bible the Catholic Way....the NT hidden in the OT and the OT revealed in the NT!


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