Song using part of Prayer OK?

Is is appropriate to quote a part of the Priest’s blessing before Communion in a pop song? (not the actual blessing of the bread though) The meaning of the song is this part of the prayer so there is no disrespect. It is more like a Christian pop song concept but with apprehension and then hope in the answer. Also, I am looking online for a reliable direct English to Latin translation, side by side word for word, of the Mass. I found one but I can’t tell what phrase lines up with what. The free translation software is all over the place. Thank you!

Sure, go for it! Just keep it respectful.

If you have an old book store (or an old, old Catholic friend), you might locate a copy of the old St. Andrew’s Missal, or the St. Joseph Missal, which has the English and Latin on facing pages. Be aware this is for the Tridentine Mass, which means these were mostly published before 1965 or so.

Not sure where to find a Novus Ordo Mass shown side-by-side in English-Latin. Maybe you might invest in a small Latin-English dictionary. My paperback one cost about $3 many years ago.

Good luck. Make your music GREAT!

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement.

Look up Enter Sandman by Metallica, they use an old children’s prayer in their song. It’s definitely not disrespectful

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