I heard on the radio this song called “Titanium” by David Guetta…I was deeply impressed because it sounds like it carries a deep Christian meaning…anyone felt the same way?

Furthermore, the etymology of “titanium” is “son of the earth”.

Anyways I am glad to find even a trace of apparently Christian symbolism in such a modern song.

Remember most hymns were common tunes known to the population where words were made to fit.

Myself, the song does not speak to me. The only thing it offers to the reason why he gets up even after being shot is that he is Titanium.

and to correct, Titanium was named with the Greek word Titans. which means the first SONS of the earth ; g.e. Greek Mythology

End result… To sing is to Pray Twice. If something in the song touches you, then Sing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not that much into music, especially modern music, but I thought the forum would be a nice place to exchange some comments and find out just how strange this idea of mine was…that the song somewhat applies to the Church :rolleyes:

I was touched by the idea of resisting, of standing still regardless…I think the rest is just a metaphor for an intense, unceasing attack (at the beginning it says “I’m criticized, but…” as if the criticism bounced back without doing any harm).

The first line (“you shout it loud, but I can’t hear a word you say”) sort of gave me the idea of only listening to the voice of the Lord, ignoring the rest, no matter how “loud” it may be). In contrast with “talking loud” (which is not shouting or screaming, just talking so that all may listen) and “not saying much” (since the message is very simple).

To me it is sort of showing a willingness to take all sorts of attacks, knowing that in the end she will still stand, unblemished, and it even tells the adversary what his destiny will be in the end (“Cut me down, but it’s you who’ll have further to fall”)


Such songs as
I can only imagine
How do I live
Oh Brother where are thou
Pacobell’s cannon in D
Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (sort of a reverse psychology thing there)

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