Songs for 4th Sunday of Advent?


Hello everyone, new member here :slight_smile: I was just wondering, what are your favorite songs to use for the Fourth Sunday of Advent? I would like to include a song that talks about Joseph or the angel Gabriel. The only ones I know of that even mention either of them are “The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came” and “By All The Saints Still Striving”. Are there any other songs that are relevant to the reading of Joseph and his dream of Gabriel, or should I focus more on the Immaculate Conception? I realize the conception is obviously a large part of the season, but we will have already celebrated this feast a few weeks prior and the reading from Matthew seems to be more about Joseph overcoming his doubts through his dream of Gabriel. Is this completely off base? I am starting to feel it is from the lack of songs I can find!
Are there other songs you find relevant to the other readings used in this week? (My church will be starting Year A so Isaiah 7:10-16 and Romans 1:1-7 are the other two readings we will be using). Any help is much appreciated, I have a few ideas but I think there are more relevant songs than what I have chosen. (Alleluia, hurry the Lord is Near, O Come O Come Emmanuel, Waiting in Silence)


Hello and welcome to CAF. First of all, I am not sure why you think there should be any focus on the Immaculate Conception - the focus for Advent 4 is the Annunciation, along with Joseph in the Matthean tradition for Year A.

In terms of the Annunciation, it would be hard to beat the wonderful Anglican hymn “For Mary, Mother of the Lord”, set to the St Botolph hymn tune.

O come, O come ties in well with the Romans reading. For St Joseph you could try “Lord hear the praises of your faithful people” to the Coelites Plaundit tune. One final general Advent hymn could be Come thou long expected Jesus or Wake, O wake with tidings thrilling.Hope this is helpful


Perhaps there Is some confusion between the Immaculate Conception and the /IncarnationVirgin Birth? It happens, even among Catholics.


At there is a planner which suggests a lot of songs at .


Thank you all for your suggestions, I was confused about the Conception and the Annunciation so thank you also for the clarification on that. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for you suggestions, and for the clarification, I have to admit I was confused about the differences but I appreciate the correction. :)


If you have a capable choir, a not difficult four part (SATB) choral motet would be HLHassler's famed DIXIT MARIA.


One of our favorites is Talbot’s “Holy is His Name.”


If I recall correctly, the Fourth Sunday of Advent in Year A talks about Mary a lot. I would try to use “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” as it mentions the Blessed Mother. Another I would try is “See How the Virgin Waits” or “Mary, Woman of the Promise”.


O Come Divine Messiah


The Ave Maria Offertory (used in the old mass) for the Fourth Sunday of Advent is one of my favorite Offertories of the year.


You are correct IMO. But, then again, every year in the cycle, either Advent 3 or 4 speaks of Blessed Mary.


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